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Dutch Reformed Church, Schraalenburgh


The Dutch Reformed Church of Schraalenburgh was organized about the year 1724, and the first Church was erected in 1725. The Rev. Reinhardt Erickson became the first pastor. In 1730, the Rev. George Wilhelmus Mancius commenced his work there on September 19. The next pastor was Rev. Antonius Curtenius in 1737, continuing over the two churches (Schraalenburgh and Hackensack) until 1784, when Rev. John Henry Goetschius became his colleague.

After the strife which resulted in a second church organization, the old church called Rev. Dirck Romeyn who was pastor from 1775 to 1785.

The first pastor of the second church ( known as the South Reformed Church ) was Rev. John Schuyler. Dr. Solomon Froeligh was the successor of Mr. Romeyn in the first church in 1786, remaining until 1822, when the separation took place which resulted in the formation of the "True Reformed Dutch Church." The second pastor was Rev. Cornelius J. Blauvelt, from 1828 to 1852; Rev. Eben S. Hammondi 1858 to 1862; Rev. Abram A. Van Houten from 1862 to 1868, followed by Rev. Garret A. Haring, 1868, who stills remains its pastor.

The old North Church at Schraalenburgh was built in 1800, after repeated attempts to induce the other party, to join in the building of a house of worship. Mr. Romeyn served the combined churches thirtythree years, but in 1832 when paralysis disabled him and a colleague was needed, the church at Schraalenburgh made application for an independent organization, which was granted, and the relations of pastor and people then existing, was disolved in April 1833, when that at Schraalenburgh became a distinct church.

The minister's salary was provided for by circulating a paper yearly for subscriptions, which were to be paid half yearly. The highest amount given was ten dollars and the lowest amount one dollar. The amount subscribed for 1817 was three hundred and forty dollars and eleven cents in money, and sixty-four loads of wood.

Rev. John Garretson, of Middleburgh, N. Y., was installed pastor October 23, 1833, and remained as such until i836, during which time the parsonage was built. He was followed by Rev. Michael Osborne, of Virginia, May I5, 1837, who continued with them until 1841. He died in 1863. Cornelius Blauvelt, a licentiate, was ordained and installed November 16, 1842, remaining until 1858, and in October of that year Rev. William R. Gordon, S. T. D., was installed, and was a successful pastor until i880.

In June, 1859, the church was enlarged, the cost being $5300. Rev. George Seibert entered upon his pastorate October 1, 1880, after which many improvements were made in the church property. Rev. George H. Cotton succeeded Mr. Seibert about eight years ago, and is the present pastor.

In i784 the congregation of which Rev. Warmoldus Kuypers was was pastor, elected John Demarest their precentor, the service being conducted entirely in the Dutch language. Dominie Kuyper died September 10, 1797. In 1799, Rev. James V. C. Romeyn became his successor. One-third of the service was then conducted in English, and John P. Durie was made English precentor. For ninety-two years the position of precentor was occupied by John Demarest and Isaac D. Demarest, except about thirteen years intervening, when Frederick Mabie and Jacob Brinkerhoff served. Mr. Demarest was chorister of the church fifty-two years.

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