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Westervelt, Warner W.

WARNER W. WESTERVELT, a prominent member of the New York bar and a leading citizen of Woodcliff, Bergen County, N. J., is of the seventh generation from Lubbert Lubbertsen, the emigrant (see sketch on page 99), and was born in Spring Valley, Rockland County, N. Y., on the 13th of July, 1847. He is descended from a long line of worthy and distinguished Holland ancestors, his parents being Sylvester Westervelt and Margaret Blauvelt, his grandparents James and Hanna (Ten Eyck) Westervelt and Joseph C. and Rebecca (Remsen) Blauvelt, and his great-grandparents Albert Westervelt and Cornelius and Bridget (Talman) Blauvelt. James Westervelt, his grandfather, was a private in the War of 1812. These names represent some of the oldest and most prominent families in Rockland County, New York, those who have borne them having been conspicuous in civil, military, professionals, and business life.

Mr. Westervelt acquired his educational training at the New York State Normal School in Albany, from which he was graduated in July, 1867. At the age of twenty he began teaching, first in the Union Academy at Belleville, N. Y., later at Union Hall Academy in Jamaica, L. I., and then at the Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, N. Y. Subsequently he taught in the Ashland Public School at East Orange, N. J., and finally in the schools at Plainfield, N. J. These various positions gave him a broad and a valuable experience as well as a high reputation for scholarship and ability as a teacher.

But teaching was not to be his life work, though he had been eminently successful. His tastes, his ambition, and his efforts were for the law as a profession. Having pursued the regular course of legal study, he was admitted to the New York bar in May, 1880, and since then has practiced in New York City with marked success. He has built up a large and successful clientage, and as a lawyer and advocate has gained a wide reputation.

Mr. Westervelt is a prominent citizen and a member of the Reformed Church of Pascack at Park Ridge, Bergen County, near where he resides.

Source: Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, Editor, Cornelius Burnham Harvey, The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 1900, page 108-109.