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Romeyn, Rev. Thomas


(e) Rev. Thomas Romeyn (see Corwin's Manual) was born at Pompton, March 20th, 1729, and died October 22d, 1794. He graduated from the College of New Jersey, 1750. Studied theology. After preaching a few times on Long Island, he went to Holland in 1752 for ordination, and was settled at Jamaica, Long Island, until 1760. It is said that the spelling of the name Romeyn was adopted in this form from his researches in Holland. Prior to that the name was spelled in several ways; but his information obtained in Holland led him to a certainty that "Romeyn" was the proper spelling, and it is in that form to-day in Holland. He married twice, first a Margarita Freelinghuysen, June 29th, 1756, who died at Jamaica, December 13th, 1757, leaving a son, Rev. Theodore F., who died at Somerville, N. J., in 1785. Secondly, Susanna Van Campen, whose ashes rest in the graveyard of the old Church on the Green, in Hackensack. He died at Fonda, N. Y., October 22d, 1794, and was buried under the pulpit of his church. The issue was (Rev.) Thomas, Nicholas, Abraham, Rev. John Broadhead, at one time pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York (Dr. Hall's), Benjamin and Rev. James Van Campen.

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