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Romeyn, Rev. James Van Campen


        Rev. James Van Campen Romeyn was born at Minsink, Sussex County, N. J., November 15th, 1765, died at Hackensack, June 27th, 1840, and was buried in the old churchyard on the Green, by the side of his first wife. He attended the Schenectady Academy, 1784. Studied theology under Rev. Theodoric (Dirk) Romeyn, his uncle. He was a trustee of Rutgers College.

He had several charges, the last of which was the Reformed Churches of Schraalenburg and Hackensack from 1799 to 1833. "Without ever having seen or heard him, he was called to the distracted churches of Bergen County, N. J., on the ground of his reputation as a man of forbearance, discretion and piety." (Taylor's Annals, Sprague's Annals). He married twice, Susanna, a daughter of Maus Van Vranken, of Schenectady, and Mrs. Elizabeth Pell, who survived him. There was a family of two sons and seven daughters, Susan (Zabriskie) born 1790, died 1868; Harriet (Stafford) born 1792, died 1849, Anna Maria (Varick) born 1794, died 1855; Rev. James Romeyn, D. D. born 1797, died 1859; Anna (Taylor) born 1800, died 1868; Eliza (Berry) born 1803, died 1849; Caroline (Danforth) born 1807, died 1845; Theodore, born 1810, died 1885 (Lawyer, Detroit, Mich.; Sarah (Hornblower) born 1814, died 1874. They resided on the property now owned by the Oritani Field Club, in Hackensack. About 1827 he lived in the homestead now occupied by Hon. William S. Banta, Main Street, where most of his daughters were married. In 1833 he erected the house just north of the latter, on Main street, now the property of Mr. O. O. Shackleton, where he died.

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