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Romeyn, Rev. James


Rev. James Romeyn was born at Blooming Grove, N. Y., September 30, 1797. He graduated from Columbia College in 1816, and from the Theological Seminary at New Brunswick, N. J., in 1819. He declined the title of Doctor of Divinity bestowed on him by Columbia College. He was settled at several places—was pastor of the First Reformed Church of Hackensack from 1833 to 1836; was elected a trustee of Rutgers College in 1842. He married Joanna Bayard Rodgers, daughter of John Richardson Bayard Rodgers, M. D., a leading physician and professor in Columbia College, New York. There were two sons, James Rodgers and Theodore Bayard Romeyn. Mr. Romeyn was a man who threw his whole energy into his labor. He was a student and very precise in his work; an exceedingly rapid speaker and there are those who remember him to-day who rapturously speak of him as a wonderfully powerful preacher. His nature was exceedingly sensitive; but his physical strength was not equal to the mental strain, always at a high tension. His manner of writing his sermons was most remarkable—a few are in existence—the manuscripts are written so fine and condensed that they cannot be read without the aid of a strong magnifying glass. While in Hackensack he resided part of the time in the parsonage of the First Church, on Essex Street, and part of the time on the southeast corner of Main and Ward Streets. He died at New Brunswick, N. J., in 1862, and his ashes mingle with his kindred dust.

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