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Romeyn, D.D., Rev. Theodore Bayard


    Rev. Theodore Bayard Romevn, D. D., was the second son of Rev. James Romeyn. He was born at Nassau, N. Y., October 22, 1827. He attended school at Hackensack and other places. He graduated from Rutgers College with the distinction of the Honorary Oration in 1846, and from the Theological Seminary at New Brunswick, N. J., three years later. The degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him by Rutgers College. He was called to preach Christ at Blawenburgh, N. J., near Princeton, immediately after his graduation, where he labored with a united people who reverence his memory and treasure his ministrations among them. He responded to a call from the church of Fathers—the First Reformed at Hackensack—in 1865, where for twenty years he labored "faithful unto death." He was a man whose retiring tendencies were predominant. He despised shams, and when once his mind was made up there was no compromise. He inherited a keen sensitiveness from his father. He carried the joys and the sorrows of his congregation, sharing with each member, especially in their sorrows. He was exceedingly sympathetic and his charity was a marked feature of his life, though the left hand knew not the gifts of the right. He was the embodiment of faithfulness, never shirking duty, but many were the occasions when, physically incapacitated, he responded to the calls of his parishioners, and was present at the post of duty, in the vineyard of his Master, which was always his pleasure. He was a close and persistent student, a deep thinker, eloquent in his discourses, fervent in his labors and ardent in effort to lead the erring into the paths of rectitude and to the Throne of Grace. Dr. Romeyn had been on a longer vacation than he usually indulged in and among the scenes of his boyhood, near Catskill, N. Y. He came home upon a Friday evening, the following morning the Master called—he was stricken with paralysis. His illness was of but brief duration, in a few hours he had passed into the holy atmosphere of the Delectable Mountains, August 18, 1885. His body was laid in God's acre, hard by "the old Church on the Green," from which pulpit with an unfaltering zeal he had proclaimed the unspeakable truths of his Redeemer. The following is quoted from a biographical sketch in the memorial volume published by the consistory. "It is also worth a passing notice to observe the large ministerial circle of which he was a member by family ties. His maternal great-grandfather was Rev. John Rodgers, forty-four years pastor of the Wall Street Presbyterian Church, New York City. * * * His paternal grandmother was a sister of Rev. Nicholas Van Vranken. In these several branches of relationship there are found nearly or quite forty names of those who have devoted themselves to the ministry of the Gospel, and of this number, three-quarters belong to the Romeyn family. Dr. Romeyn married Amelia A. Letson, daughter of Johnson Letson, Esq., of New Brunswick, N. J. Mrs. Romeyn survived her husband a few years and was called home October 22, 1897. The issue was Mary Letson Romeyn, who died in infancy, and James A. Romeyn, surviving.

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