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Koester, Ernest Henry


        Ernest Henry Koester, one of the leading lawyers of Bergen county, is a native of Norristown, Pennsylvania, and was born April 28th, 1855. After receiving a preparatory education in the High School of Philadelphia, he went to Heidelberg, Germany, remaining in that institution three years, and subsequently took a three years' course of instruction in Allegheny College, at Meadville, Pennsylvania, taking his degree of A. B. in 1879. He now began the study of law in the office of H. L. Richmond & Son, of Meadville, and was admitted to the bar in 1882. He immediately began the practice of his profession in McKean county, Pennsylvania, and was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of his state in 1886, in the meantime filling the office of District Attorney of his county for three years. In 1894 he located in Hackensack. and in June of the same year was admitted to practice in all the courts of New Jersey.

    Mr. Koester has a large clientage in Bergen county, and is known in the state as an able criminal lawyer. He defended Ryan in the famous green-goods affair of New York, winning the case after it had been carried against him in both the upper and lower courts.

    Mr. Koester is a member of the Masonic Fraternity, having taken the thirty-second degree. He is also a member of the Hackensack Lodge of Odd Fellows, and of other societies.

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