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Johnson, William M.


        William M. Johnson, President of Hackensack Trust Company, well-known lawyer and legislator, was born in 1847, in Newton, Sussex county, N. J., and is the son of Whitfield S. Johnson, who served as Secretary of State for the State of New Jersey from 1861 to 1865.

    Mr. Johnson was educated at Princeton College, and subsequently entered the office of the late Judge Scudder, of Trenton, under whose direction he pursued the study of law, being admitted to the bar as an attorney in 1870. After practicing four years at Trenton, he removed to Hackensack, and located permanentlv. His ability as a lawyer soon brought to him a large and growing clientage, and he became a recognized legal light in that part of the State in the various departments of the profession.

        Politically Mr. Johnson is a Republican. He has served on the Republican State Committee, and was a delegate in 1888 to the National Republican Convention that nominated Harrison for the Presidencv. He was elected Senator from Bergen county in 1895, and took an active part in legislation. In the session of 1898, and also in the session of 1899, he was the leader of his party in the Senate. He has been conspicuous for many years in all enterprises tending to a healthy and permanent growth of his town. He served four years as a member of the Hackensack Improvement Commission, and is a member of the Board of Governors of the Hackensack Hospital, which institution he greatly aided in establishing, and continues to support. He has also been a member of the Hackensack Board of School Trustees and a director of the Washington Institute. He is a member of the Oritani Field Club, the Hamilton Club of Paterson, the Princeton Club, the Lake Hopatcong Club and other societies.

    In 1872, Mr. Johnson married Miss White, of Trenton. Of this marriage there are two children, George W., the elder, a graduate of Princeton College, class of 1898, and William Kempton. Mr. Johnson occupies offices in the Hackensack Bank Building.

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