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Fair, William


        William Fair was a native of Scotland, emigrated to America with his wife, Mary Hume, and three children, Mary, John and Jane, and settled in New Barbadoes, now Hackensack, about 1785.

    He was a cabinet-maker by trade, and carried on his business on the site of the Fair Homestead, in Hackensack, until his death, which occurred February 24, 1839, dying at the age of eighty-three years. His wife died at the age of seventy years, September 23, 1824. Mary died unmarried, October 12, 1852, and Jane died unmarried, July 19, 1848. John was a successful merchant in New York for many years, and died January 5, 1854, aged seventy-six years.

    George Fair, fourth child of William and Mary Hume Fair, was born in Hackensack, on the homestead, November 27, 1785. He received during his boyhood only a common school education, but the rigid home discipline of his Scotch parents early impressed him with habits of industry, economy, and self-reliance.

    At the age of fifteen young Fair became a clerk in a dry-goods store in New York city, where he continued for many years, and until he had saved enough money from his earnings to establish business for himself. With his elder brother, John, he engaged in the dry-goods trade on his own account in Vesey Street, New York city, where for many years they continued a successful trade. They invested of their surplus means in city real estate, which increased in value on their hands and gave both a large competency.

    In 1859 Mr. Fair completed the homestead formerly occupied by his father, a substantial residence on Essex Street, where he resided until his death, which occurred October 16, 1868.

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