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De Baun, Abram


The parents of Abram De Baun were Rev. John Y. and Margaret (Iserman) De Baun, and his grandparents Isaac De Baun and Abram Iserman. His father was for twenty-six years pastor of the True Reformed Church at Hackensack. During his pastorate here he was editor of the Banner of Truth, a monthly magazine of the True Reformed Church. The De Bauns are of French Huguenot descent.

Mr. De Baun studied law under A. D. Campbell, and was admitted to the bar as attorney-at-law in 1877, and as counsellor in 1880. He was a partner of Mr. Campbell for a period of seventeen years, but is now of the firm of Demarest & De Baun. He was clerk of the Board of Freeholders from 1878 to 1895, and member of the Hackensack Improvement Commission three years, during two of which he was its treasurer. For twelve years he has been counsel for the Building and Loan Association of Hackensack. He is a director of the Old Ladies' Home.

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