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Conklin, Charles


        Charles Conklin, the well known real estate man and President of the Board of Health is a native of Hackensack and was born thirty-four years ago. His father Robert Conklin was a dry goods merchant and held the agency of the county for the Singer Sewing Machine Company, for which he sold over 1000 machines in Bergen county alone. He died in 1877. Mr. Charles Conklin was in the dry goods business during the earlier years of his life, and later was Secretary of The Conklin Bros. Company. In 1894 he established himself in the real estate business, which with that of insurance, yielded him in the aggregate handsome results.

Mr. Conklin had been President of the Board of Health seven years, and was serving as a member of the Board of Freeholders of the county. He was a member of the First Reformed Church of Hackensack, and was deacon in that body eight years, and also its treasurer. He was a member of the Odd Fellows, O. U. A. M., Red Men, Wheelmen and of the Oritani Field Club. Mr. Conklin died in 1899.

James Van Valen, History of Bergen County, New Jersey, 1900