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Clarendon, Matthew E.


        Matthew E. Clarendon, a leading leather merchant of New York City, was born in 1835, and formerly lived in Brooklyn, N. Y.

    Upon his removal to Hackensack, in 1876, he immediately began to devise means of improving the roads. Hackensack had been slow to see its own needs in this regard, or the advantages to arise from a better condition of things. In 1890 he was elected a member of the Hackensack Improvement Commission. He soon found those who were willing to aid in the matter of macadamizing the streets, and during the seven years he has served on this board, much has been done in the way of advancement.

Mr. Clarendon has been governor and also vice president of the Oritani Field Club, and has also been vice president of both the Hackensack Bank and the Hackensack Hospital Association since their organization.

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