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Should you see a typo or question a spelling included in any of these biographies, please send me an email. Also, if you see the same name more than once, then that material came from an additional book, it is not a duplication (or at least, it should not be.)  Also, please note, a name may only appear once in the column at the right, but twice in the listing below.  Be sure to check the listing below to determine if one or more biographies is located on these pages.  When writing to me, please include the FULL NAME of the individual or family, and the citation source at the bottom of the bio page. Also, please explain the location in the bio that you are questioning. Thanks for your kind assistance.

Also, with respect to any and all materials contained herein, specific out-of-copyright books were used. One thing to know and understand about these secondary sources is that they should be used as clues, and not as absolute confirmation of the information contained therein. These types of sources are often flawed and are only as good as the information provided by the person providing same. Be sure to do additional research to determine if the information contained herein is true and accurate and cross-check all data.

Should you have additional information about a particular individual or family listed here, have a website dedicated to a particular individual or family, or can provide additional confirmation or have information on possible revisions, please contact me so that information can be added to the biography page. Please provide your contact information for possible other researchers to contact you.  (109)

Schindler, Sr., Charles A.
Schindler, Jr., Charles A.
Schuyler Family, The
Sickles Family, The
Sip, Jan Adrainse
Slote Family, The
Smith, Abel I.
Smith, Baker B.
Smith Family, The
Snedens, The
Snow, Hon. William D. 
Somerendyke, see Wortendyke
Speer Family
Springer, Moses E.
St. John, Dr. David
Stagg, Peter W.
Stevens, George
Storm, George Wilkinson
Terhune Family, The
Terhune, John
Toers Family, The
Van Buskirk, Jacob L.
Van Buskirk, Jacob L.
Van Bussum Family, The
Vandelinda Family, The
Vanderhoff Family, The
Van Dyck, Vedder
Van Valen, James
Voorhees, John J.
Voorhis, Charles E.
Vredenburgh, James B.
Wakelee, Edmund W.
Westervelt, Samuel
Westervelt, Warner W.
Westervelts, The
Wheeler, George Wakeman
Wheeler, George Wakeman
Winton, Henry D.
Winton, Henry D.
Wortendyke, Raymond P.
Zabriskie, Abraham Oothout
Zabriskie, David Demarest
Zabriskie, Raymond P.

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