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AIS - Accelerated Indexing Systems

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Carmer - see Kermer

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Dutch-Colonies - Dutch-Colonies-L@rootsweb.com - an internet discussion group referenced by Volume number (year) and number (ie. V99 (1999) #77)

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Hopper-L - Hopper-L@rootsweb.com - an internet discussion list - referenced by Volume number (year) and digest number (ie V99#77 = 1999 #77)

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1829-1849 privately printed. Reprinted in "The Archivist," newsletter of GSBC begin May 1990 -Aug 1994 [Martha d. 19 Dec 1838 of consumption and the diary was continued by her sister Adeline, who m. George Esler.[Note: Page numbers have not been used as events were entered chronologically.]

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NJPassai - NJPassai-L@rootsweb.com - an internet discssion list for Passaic Co., NJ - referenced by Volume number (year) and number

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NYRockla - NYRockla@Rootsweb.com - an internet discussion list for Rockland Co., NY - referenced by Volume number (year) and digest number (ie. V99 #77 = 1999 #77)

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