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persian rugs online
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  • (Persian Rug) A hand-tied Oriental rug made in Iran. Examples: Kirman, Kashan, Shiraz, Tabriz.
  • The Persian carpet (Pahlavi bōbNouri-Zadeh, Sh., Persian Carpet; The Beautiful Picture of Art in History Persian farš فرش, meaning "to spread" and qāli)Savory, R., Carptes,(Encyclopaedia Iranica); accessed January 30, 2007. is an essential part of Persian art and culture.
  • (Persian Rug) the nickname given to the two-hundred and the five-hundred dollar revenue stamps of 1871, known for their colorful and intricately engraved artwork resembling a Persian rug.
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Persian Shiraz
Persian Shiraz
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persian rug
persian rug
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persian rugs online
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