Yuma Rugged Tablet

yuma rugged tablet
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  • A city in southwestern Arizona, near the Colorado River and the Mexican border; pop. 77,515
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  • a town in southwestern Arizona on the Colorado River and the California border
  • the Yuman language spoken by the Yuma
yuma rugged tablet - Yuma
The Yuma rugged tablet features a 32GB solid state hard drive, eliminating internal moving parts and providing protection against stress from bumps, drops, shock, and vibration. Other impressive features of the Trimble Yuma rugged tablet include an Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz processor, integrated WiFi, Bluetooth®, GPS, and two digital cameras, as well as SDIO and ExpressCard slots. The Yuma has a 7 inch widescreen WSVGA 650 nit display that is readable in sunlight, and hot-swappable Lithium-ion batteries to maximize uptime. Add to this the Windows® 7 Professional operating system, and this rugged tablet clearly demonstrates the versatility to be your all-in-one rugged tablet computer solution.

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This is Patrick's rugged outdoors look. I know I am a little biased, but I like the way his hair looks. After all these lovely comments Patrick is disappointed no one has requested his phone number...
Rugged Mountain
Rugged Mountain
Rugged Mountain (1875m) seen from Thumb Peak (1615m). Taken on the Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Island section's summer camp week three in the Alava Basin.

yuma rugged tablet
yuma rugged tablet
Clint Walker and Barry Sullivan star in this explosive Western, set in the wild and lawless Yuma Territory of the 1800s. U.S. Marshall Dave Harmon (Walker) is appointed by the governor to bring order to the territory, known for running off any lawman who dares to bring the rowdies to heel. Upon his arrival in Yuma, he is immediately tested, becoming embroiled in a struggle with the powerful Arch King (Morgan Woodward) after shoting King's brother. It will take all of Marshal Harmon's grit and determination to stop the violence and bring justice to Yuma.

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