How to get red stains out of carpet. Designer area rugs. Braided rugs round.

How To Get Red Stains Out Of Carpet

how to get red stains out of carpet
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A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
July 7, a Friday to be exact. Lavender scenting a mid-summer night. Steps lead to an unexplored courtyard. A shortcut, perhaps--but if anything else, a welcome new route. Gypsy Kings and party voices blaring. Twinkling blue string lights. Too many candles and faces to count. A Vortex in sight. Walk through it fast, too late too turn around, try not to cry. Courtyard 180. Big crowd. Shoulda worn waterproof mascara. Walk faster, don't look up. "Hey, where you going in such a rush, pretty lady? You look like you could use a glass of wine." Dogs off their leash crossing, trampling all paths. Unable to ignore the well meaning but inopportune man. "Bad timing but thanks anyway. A gay man to talk to is what I really need tonight." Careful what you ask for, pretty lady. A hand goes up in the crowd. "Gay man here!" Laughter. "By the way, he's really gay." More laugher. "OK, you got me there. Now how 'bout some of that wine?" Introductions, guards down, meet your new neighbors. Decent red wine. Nothing to lose, so why not stay a while? Sliding glass door, wine-stained carpet. Suddenly, a beautiful man with golden eyes--and my skin suddenly bathed in their warm, golden light. Handshake. Electricity--yikes! Such a beautiful man. Such an unavailable, tall, puzzled--perhaps even slightly annoyed and most definitely not gay--beautiful man. I just came in to use your bathroom, hope you don't mind. I'm with the group outside. "So am I." Push, pull, pause and smile. Avoid those damn golden eyes. Good night, so nice to meet you all, and thanks for the wine! A different night, a different courtyard. The same dogs--wild chance!--end up bringing me back to the same friendly faces. Destiny sometimes comes to you disguised as Coincidence. Howdy new neighbor! Glad to see you're not crying tonight. Here, have a seat--and some more wine. Twinkling lights--paper lanterns this time. Damn. Trapped again by the golden light in his eyes! Push forward. Pull closer. Gaze. Stop trying to get his attention, it's too obvious. It's not the right time anyhow. Yearn. 4 AM. I hope to see you all around. I'm so glad I moved here! Good night! Sunlight at last. A swimming pool--so much like Melrose Place! Graceful beautiful golden arms glistening wet in the sunlight. Push away. Pull back. Avoid. Thou shall not covet what thou shall never have. Golden eyes. Hot summer days, followed by countless wine-drenched endless summer nights--but not endless enough for me to ever tire of the beatiful, golden light in his eyes. Friends first. Friends, despite it all. My entire stable down to just one horse, but it was limping, so I had to put it down. Both my horse and your crazy mare gone in 24 hours. She was no good for you, anyhow. Coincidence had nothing to do with it this time. October 30 already, and a Monday night. Ciao Bella, we need to talk. First kiss, a big surprise that unravels throughout the night. Tuesday morning already!?! Only one thing left to figure out: "How are we going to do this?" Forever.
Lost in the Oldest of Forests.
Lost in the Oldest of Forests.
More from the Redwoods... I have a lot of great stuff from that place... can't wait to go back sometime and shoot more there. worth viewing on black I've gotten a few questions lately from people about why so many of my shots of picturesque locations usually contain a silhouette of some sort. The first time I heard that question it actually threw me off a bit. It has just been so natural to me personally to include the human figure somewhere in my photos that I never really stopped to think 'why?', I just did it. So after thinking about it quite a bit over these past weeks, I still just want to say 'because I want to', haha. But I know there are deeper reasons. First of all, I think it's always been hard for me to just shoot landscapes. In the back of my mind my thoughts drift to the true masters of photography, and how IF they were to approach this same landscape, they would nail it in a far superior way. I have a tendency to avoid huge touristy-photographed areas for this very reason. I know someone's done it better than I have. This may have to do with a lack of confidence, but I think a lot of photographers feel the same way. The only thing to do is push through that fear and shoot it anyway (as best you can). The other main reason is far more important to me, though. Silhouettes quickly became a way for me to describe my reaction to the space in front of my lens. I think this shot would be a prime example of why I use silhouettes the way I do. They show the viewer the scale, but most importantly the figure's reaction to the space. I think also I've always enjoyed the challenge of using a figure... the most simplest of human geometry to bring the human element, story and mystery (who is that figure?!) into a shot. In this case aw...fear...shock...surprise...and so much more, a whole cluster of feelings leaving the figure in scene speechless and stuck in place. Far more important than any of that, is the simple idea that these are MY reactions to space. That figure in the shot was purposefully framed there to show how I felt or wanted the viewer to feel from that image. And to me, that is one of the best parts about this art form. Expressing feeling to others through imagery.

how to get red stains out of carpet
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