Mathieu Beraneck - CNRS researcher

I am a french neuroscientist researcher. 

I published several papers on the sense of balance physiology and pathophysiology. Most of these belong to system physiology (behaviour) or cellular neurophysiology (electrophysiology) of structures and neurones related to the vestibular system.
If you are interested in my formation, have a look at my CV or alternatively on my research profile on biomedexpert website.
I defended my PhD in 2004. My PhD's subject was the role of the intrinsic membrane properties of central vestibular neurons in the processing of vestibular information. It was also dealing with the modifications of these properties after a unilateral lesion of the vestibular organs. The complete text and summary (also in english) can be found here.
I previously worked in Munich, Germany,  at the ludwig maximilian University (during my PhD) and in McGill University, Montreal, as a post-doctoral fellow.I am currently working at the university Paris Descartes
I am now working for the french space agency as a post-doc and starting next fall will be junior researcher with tenure position working for the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.
You can contact me at this address: