Program with presentations and posters - 4 August 2016

"The B[e] Phenomenon 
Forty Years of Studies"

27 June - 1 July 2016 

Prague, Czech Republic
(updated 7 June 2016)

Scientific Program : Monday, June 27 

Chairman:  Anatoly Miroshnichenko

9:00 -- Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics  Prof. RNDr.  Jan Kratochvíl, CSc. -- welcome address 
9:10 -- Anatoly Miroshnichenko -- conference opening  
9:20 -- Jean-Pierre Swings         -- discoverer's address 

Session 1: Introduction to the Phenomenon and Physics  of the Relevant Processes 

9:30 -- Rene Oudmaijer, Anatoly Miroshnichenko -- Introduction to the B[e] phenomenon 
10:15 --  Jorick Vink                                              --  Physics of mass loss and disk formation 

11:00 -- 11:25 coffee break and poster viewing 

11:25 -- Lydia Cidale/Michel Curé               "New Insights Into Radiation Line-Driven Winds'' 
11:45 -- Petr Kurfürst                                    "Modeling the geometric structure of B[e] supergiants' decretion disks'' 
12:05 -- Mark Walker                                   "Hydrogen snow clouds and the B[e] phenomenon'' 

12:25 -- 14:00 Lunch Break 

Chairman:  Jean-Pierre Swings

14:00 --Atsuo Okazaki                                   "Physics of classical Be stars and possible connection to the B[e] phenomenon"
14:45 -- Rodrigo Vieira                                              "The viscous decretion disc properties of 80 Be stars''  
15:05 -- Robert Klement                                 "Revealing the structure of the outer disks of classical Be stars'' 
15:25 -- Jiri Kubát                                          "Clumping in massive star winds and its possible connection to the B[e] phenomenon'' 
15:45 -- Nadia Kaltcheva                               "Characterizing classical Be stars via intermediate-band photometry'' 

16:05 -- 16:30 coffee break and poster viewing 

16:30 -- Arkaprabha Sarangi                         "Dust formation in stellar sources: what, where and how?" 
17:15 -- Larisa Tambovtseva                          "Accretion disks, magnetospheres, and disk winds  as emitters of the hydrogen lines in Herbig Ae/Be stars'' 

17:35 --  Jiri Krticka                                       "Mass and angular momentum loss of B[e] stars via decretion disks''

Day 1 ends at 18:00

Scientific Program: Tuesday, June 28 

Chairman:  Sergey Zharikov

Session 2: Evolution of Single Stars and Binary Systems 

8:50 -- Sylvia Ekström                                    "Evolution of single stars: physics, mass loss, and rotation" 
9:35 --  Anahi Granada                                  "Critically rotating post main sequence stars hosting a viscous decretion disk'' 
9:55 --  
Michel Curé                                       "Disk formation in oblate Be stars'' 
10:15 --  Dietrich Baade                                 "
Difference frequencies of nonradial pulsation modes and repetitive outbursts in classical Be stars'' 

10:35 -- 11:00 coffee break and poster viewing 

11:00 -- Cyril Georgy                                      "Link of B[e] stars and stellar evolution"  
11:45 --  Daiane Seriacopi                              "The envelopes of B[e] Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds as seen by Polarimetry'' 
12:05 --  Jakub Fišák                                      "Rayleigh scattering by He I in model stellar atmospheres'' 

12:25 -- 14:00 Lunch Break 

Chairman:  Ronald Mennickent

14:00 --  Danny Vanbeveren                             "Evolution of binary stars: physics, mass loss and rotation" 
14:45 -- Despina Panoglou                               "Radiative transfer on decretion discs of Be binaries'' (animation)
15:05 -- Diego de la Fuente                              "On the binary origin of FS CMa stars: young massive clusters as test beds'' 
15:25 -- Ernst Paunzen                                      "Tracing the B[e] phenomenon with the narrow-band  photometric system'' 

15:45 -- 16:10 coffee break and poster viewing 

Session 3: Observational Techniques and Applications. 

16:10 -- Jorick Vink                                            "Polarimetry and spectro-polarimetry: theory and application to stars with dusty disks" 
16:55 -- Anthony Meilland                                  "Probing gas and dust around B[e] stars at the highest angular resolution: A decade of interferometric studies" 
17:40 -- Jose Groh  (moderator)                                 
Joint discussion 1. 

Day 2 ends at 18:10

Scientific Program: Wednesday, June 29 

Session 4: Groups of Object with the B[e] Phenomenon. 
Overview of Major Results.

Chairman:  Jose Groh

8:50 -- Rene Oudmaijer                                         "The B[e] phenomenon in Herbig Ae/Be stars" 
9:25 -- Vladimir Grinin                                         "Disk winds in the radiation of two Herbig AeBe stars: MWC 480 and IL Cep'' 
9:45 -- Olga Zakhozhay                                         "The results of SED simulations for a young B star IRAS22150+6109'' 
10:05 -- Nariman Ismailov                                    "The Emission Component of the Line He I 5876 in the Spectrum of IL Cep A'' 

10:25 -- 10:50 coffee break and poster viewing 

10:50 -- Hans Van Winckel                                                     "Evolution toward the Planetary Nebula phase: binaries with circumbinary dusty discs"
11:35 -- Vasilii Gvaramadze                                            "Central stars of mid-infrared nebulae discovered with Spitzer and WISE'' 
11:55 -- Grigoris Maravelias                               "B[e] Supergiants' circumstellar environment: disks or rings?"

Day 3 ends at 12:15 

Trip to the Carlstein castle and conference dinner 

-- Buses leave at 13:00 

Scientific Program: Thursday, June 30 

Chairman: Daniela Korcáková  

Session 4: Groups of Object with the B[e] Phenomenon. 
Overview of Major Results. (continued)
8:50  -- Michaela Kraus                                                         "Spectroscopic diagnostics of circumstellar disks of B[e] stars"   
9:35 -- Aizhan Kuratova                                                           "A search for new objects with the B[e] phenomenon''  
9:55   -- Ronald Mennickent                                     "W Serpentis stars and Double Period Variables'' 
10:15 -- Anna Aret                                                    "Similarities in the structure of the circumstellar environments of B[e] supergiants and yellow hypergiants'' 

10:35 -- 11:00 coffee break and poster viewing 

11:00 -- Alex Lobel                                                   "Modeling and observations of massive binaries with the B[e] phenomenon" 
11:45 -- Devika Kamath                                            "Newly discovered B[e] stars in the Magellanic Clouds'' 
12:05 -- Olga Maryeva                                              "The study of massive stars with 60 Msun initial mass at different evolutionary stages'' 

12:25 -- 14:00 Lunch Break 

Chairman: Steve Shore

14:00 -- Andrea Mehner                                             "VLT/MUSE discovers a jet from the evolved B[e] star MWC 137'' 
14:20 -- Andrew Graus                                               "A New Subclass of Dust-Poor B[e] supergiants'' 
14:40 -- Alejandro Báez-Rubio                                   "Origin of the photo-ionized wind in MWC349A'' 

Day 4 ends at 15:00 

Tour of astronomical Prague -- 15:30/16:00 -- 18:30

Scientific Program: Friday, July 1 

Chairman: Rene Oudmaijer

Session 4: Groups of Object with the B[e] Phenomenon. 
Overview of Major Results. (continued)

8:50  -- Anatoly Miroshnichenko                                 "FS CMa objects - products of intermediate-mass non-conservative binary evolution"  
9:35  -- Sergey Zharikov                                              "Short-term spectral variability in the binary FS CMa-type objects: MWC728 and others'' 
9:55  -- Daniela Korcáková                                          "Long-Term Spectroscopic Monitoring of the B[e] Stars at Ondrejov Observatory'' 
10:15 -- Vitaly Goranskij                                                                "B[e] Star CI Cam: Eighteen Years of Research'' 

10:35 -- 11:00 coffee break and poster viewing 

11:00 -- Augustin Skopal                                               "The B[e] phenomenon in symbiotic binaries" 
11:45 -- Sayyed Mohammad Reza Ghoreyshi               "Modeling The Full Light Curve of ω CMa'' 

12:10 -- 14:00 Lunch Break 

Chairman: Marek Wolf

14:00 -- Samer Kanaan                                                 "BeSOS'' 
14:20 -- Ilya Potravnov                                                 "Unveiling the puzzling Herbig Be star V730Cep'

14:35 -- 15:00 coffee break and poster viewing 

15:00 --Steve Shore                                                        Conference summary -- What is to be Done?  
15:45                                                                               Joint discussion 2. 

Conference ends at 16:30

Poster section:

P-01 "Optical evolution of the Be star Mu Centauri"  G. Aguayo, R. E. Mennickent, T. Riviniuis

P-02 "Spectroscopy and photometry of MWC 137" F. Alimardanova, A. Miroshnichenko, S. Zharikov, R.J. Rudy, N. Manset, A.V. Kusakin, K.S. Kuratov, S.A. Khokhlov 

P-03 "A new outburst of the yellow hypergiant star rho Cas" A. Aret, M. Kraus, I. Kolka, G. Maravelias

P-04 "K-band spectra of massive stars in transition phases" M.L. Arias, L. Cidale, M. Kraus, A. Torres

P-05 "Long-term photometric monitoring of objects with the B[e] phenomenon" A.A. Arkharov, A. Miroshnichenko, V.M. Larionov, S. Zharikov, N. Efimova, S. Klimanov

P-06 "An Echelle catalog of OB stars" A. Arrieta, L. Arias, E. Serna-Duarte, A. Payen-Sandoval, J. Zsargo, L.N. Georgiev, C.R. Fierro, J. Klapp

P-07 "New spectroscopic Analysis and Light curve model of the eclipsing binaryV 356 Sgr."  M. Cabezas, R. E. Mennickent , G. Djurasevic 

P-08 "An H–band survey of B[e] stars with the APOGEE spectrograph" S. Drew Chojnowski, A. Miroshnichenko, D. Whelan, J. Wisniewski, G. Stringfellow, D. Feuillet, J. Holtzman, M. Borges Fernandes

P-10 "Modeling B[e] type stars with CMFGEN and CLOUDY codes" C.R. Fierro, J. Zsargó, J. Klapp, A. Arrieta, L. Arias, S.A. Díaz-Azuara

P-11 "B[e] stars discovered by the IPHAS survey." L. Gkouvelis, J. Fabregat & the IPHAS consortium.

P-12 "The Spectral Variability of HD200775 at the Low Activity Phase" N.Z. Ismailov, S.A.Alyshov, U.Z.Bashirova

P-13 "B[e] Properties in the Spectrum of 48 Lib" N.Z.Ismailov, Y.Maharramov   

 P-14 "Time-dependent spectral-feature variations of the B[e] star HD50138" T. Jeřabková, D. Korčáková, A. Miroschnichenko, S. Danford, S.V. Zharikov, R. Kříček, P. Zasche, V. Votruba, M. Šlechta, P. Škoda, J. Janík

P-15 "Fundamental parameters and spectral variations of HD 85567" S.A. Khokhlov, A.S. Miroshnichenko, R. Mennickent, M. Cabezas, D.E. Reichart, K.M. Ivarsen, J.B. Haislip, M.C. Nysewander, A.P., LaCluyze

P-16 "Clumpy molecular structures revolving the B[e] supergiant MWC 137" M. Kraus, L. S. Cidale, T. Liimets, D. S. Gunawan, C. E. Cappa, M. E. Oksala, M. L. Arias, G. Maravelias, M. Borges Fernandes, M. Curé

P-17 "Ultraviolet variability of B[e] stars" J. Krtička, I. Krtičková

P-18 "Spectral variability and basic simulations of FS CMa (HD 45677)" R. Kříček, D. Korčáková, T. Jeřábková, A. Miroshnichenko, S. Danford, J. Kubát, B. Kučerová, P. Škoda, M. Šlechta, M. Wolf

P-19 "New Insights into the Be Phenomenon in Neutron Star X-ray Binaries" M. Kühnel, P. Kretschmar, F. Fürst, K. Pottschmidt, P. Hemphill, R. E. Rothschild, A. T. Okazaki, M. Sagredo, J. Wilms

P-20 "On the nature of anomalous reddening of Cygnus OB2 #12 hyper giant" O. Maryeva, E.L. Chentsov, V. P. Goranskij, V. V. Dyachenko, S. V. Karpov

P-21 "Observations of newly found objects with the B[e] phenomenon" A.S. Miroshnichenko, C. Rossi, V.F. Polcaro, S. Zharikov, R.J. Rudy, A.V. Kusakin, K.S. Kuratov, A.Zh. Naurzbaeva, N.Sh. Alimgazinova, A.B. Manapbayeva, N. Manset

P-22 "High-resolution spectroscopy and optical photometry of MWC 349A andMWC 349B" N. Manset, A. Miroshnichenko, S. Zharikov, A.V. Kusakin

P-23 "The B[e] Phenomenon In The Mono-Periodic STEREO Star; 13 Tau" D. Ozuyar 

P-24 "Online database of CMFGEN model atmospheres" A. Payen-Sandoval, E. Serna-Duarte, J. Zsargo, L. Arias, A. Arrieta, J. Klapp & C.R. Fierro

P-25 "Attenuation of the light curves of symbiotic binary SY Mus bycircumstellar material"  N. Shagatova, A. Skopal

P-26 "B[e] Phenomenon in the D-type symbiotic star V1016 Cyg" M. Sekeráš, A. Skopal

P-27 "SHELLSPECGEN - tool to estimate Be star disk parameters with the help of genetic algorithms" K. Šejnova, V. Votruba and P. Koubsky

P-28 "Investigating the spectral variations of a B[e] object: the case ofIRAS 17449+2320" F. Sestito, S. N. Shore, D. Korčáková, A. S. Miroshnichenko, S. Zharikov

P-29 "Talking Be bursting stars" V. Votruba, D. Korčáková, J. Fuchs, P. Koubsky, J. Benáček 

P-30 "High galactic latitude FS CMa–type object FBS 0022–021" S. Zharikov, A. Miroshnichenko, G. Tovmassian

 P-31 "A mega-grid of CMFGEN model atmospheres for rapid analysis of stellar spectra" J.Zsargo, A.Arrieta, C.Fierro, J.Klapp, L.Arias, J.Mendoza, D.J.Hillier, L.Georgiev