Invited Speakers

Speaker  Title
Isabelle Cherchneff         

 Dust formation in evolved stars 
Sylvia Ekström

 Evolution of single stars: physics, mass loss, and rotation
Cyril Georgy

 Link of B[e] stars and stellar evolution (in particular with rotation) 
Michaela Kraus

 Spectroscopic diagnostics of circumstellar disks of B[e] stars
Alex Lobel

 Modelling and observations of massive binaries with the B[e] phenomenon
Anthony Meilland

 Probing gas and dust around B[e] stars at the highest angular resolution: A decade of interferometric studies
Anatoly Miroshnichenko 

 FS CMa objects – products of intermediate-mass non-conservative binary evolution
Atsuo Okazaki

 Physics of classical Be stars and possible connection to the B[e] phenomenon 
Rene Oudmaijer

 The B[e] phenomenon in Herbig Ae/Be stars 
Stan Owocki Physics of mass loss and disk formation 

Augustin Skopal 

 The B[e] phenomenon in symbiotic binaries
Steve Shore

 "What is to be Done?"
Jorick Vink
 Polarimetry and spectro-polarimetry : theory and application to stars with dusty disks 
Hans Van Winckel  Evolution toward the Planetary Nebula phase: binaries with circumbinary dusty discs

Danny Vanbeveren  Evolution of binary stars: physics, mass loss, and rotation.