The Supernatural Diaries



My name is Alkor. I am a travelling scholar on my own journey of enlightenment. I rarely stay in one place for long enough to call home, thus you can consider me a nomad. I have a wondrous eye for rare novels of fiction and history. Books of all ages and fantasies interest me. Just recently, I have embarked on a journey touring the North, what you may call Sweden. Over my tumultuous trek over the mountains and ice caps of the North, I came across a small hillside village. The villagers didn’t take kindly to my arrival or my questions. Navigating the village’s confusing walkways, I stumbled upon an interesting collection of scrolls and texts in a city’s ancient archive. Interestingly, I’ve never come across such texts, thus I knew these were unique.


Would you like to see what I have found?

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Mountain Village (Source)