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The Quote Gadget

The Quote and quote files for Google Desktop.

The Quotes for Google Desktop

Read your favorite quotes.

(require Google Desktop4)


Comes with builtin quotes : (52.6 KB)


Just double click on the "", Google Desktop will take care the rest. 



Create your own quotes

Create a plain text file, put your quotes. Separate those quotes with blank line.

Here is the example of two quotes,

Teacher: one plus one is ....

Student: Two.....


When one plus one is not equal two, then you must count it again.

End of example 


Quotes for download

Download and unzip the text file to any folder. From Options, browse and pick the quote file.

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This group is for owner notification only, there will be no spam. 


The Simpson :  (105 KB)

Friends : (40.4 KB)

Joey : (5.09 KB)

Everybody loves Raymond : (8.08 KB)

That 70's Show : (51.7 KB)

"24" : (12.8 KB)



Dhammapada (423 verses)

    [English] : (20.8 KB)

    [Bahasa] : (21.8 KB)

No Ajahn Chan (196 similes)

    [English] : (20.2 KB)

    [Bahasa] :  (20.4 KB)