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Real Clear Cookies

real clear cookies
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Bakel, Senegal
Bakel, Senegal
So this morning I left Bissau at 8 a.m. Erin came with me to Bafata, and after some scuffling about the taxi, we said goodbye and I headed for the border. When I get cleared at the Guinea-Bissau checkpoint, I walked the kilometer or whatever to the Senegalese checkpoint, at which I never even checked in, so I grabbed the taxi to Kolda. (I was a little worried about crossing the border. I found out from Erin that I was supposed to have a visa for Guinea-Bissau—something I totally did not consider, but got away with. No one ever questioned me.) As we approached Kolda, some headaches began. A few kilometers before the town I get transferred to another van that is supposedly on the way to Tambacounda. So after about 3 or 4 km in the near-empty van, we get kicked out for whatever reason, and start walking (me and two other guys) down the road to meet back up with the van, supposedly waiting for us—again, for whatever reason. So after about 45 minutes of walking in the 2 o’clock sunshine, it’s apparent that there is no car waiting for us. The other guys went to flag a car down. I get fed up and turn back around, intent on just spending the night at the Kolda maison. So I walk back for about another 45 minutes. When I get just outside of Kolda, I see a van that has pulled over. I try one last time and ask the driver if he’s going to Tambacounda. He says yes, first Velingara, then Tambacounda. So I get in. The problem with this van is that it kept pulling over every chance it got. I got the feeling the people in charge of the van didn’t have their shit together, so I told the money-taker I would only pay to Velingara, and once we got to Tambacounda I would pay the rest. Good thing I did that. At Velingara I get directed to another taxi leaving for Tambacounda, a 7-seater station wagon. Then, after waiting half an hour or so, I get redirected to a van that left right away. So finally I get to Tambacounda at about 9:30 p.m. A man sitting next to me tells me that cars to Bakel are not leaving this time of night and recommends the Niji Hotel. I get off, ask directions on the street, and walk to the hotel. It’s a nice place for a decent price: 8200 CFA for a single room with a fan. Private bathroom. Much nicer than the Battling Sike in St. Louis. I eat a meal of spaghetti in the hotel’s restaurant, and at midnight I go to bed. January 22: I had expected to be in Selibaby by now, but of course that is not the case. At 7:30 this morning I go from Hotel Niji to the taxi gare for a ride to Bakel. At about 9:00 we finally get underway (for 3600 CFA.) Shortly after leaving Tambacounda, we come to a police checkpoint. I give the cop (or whatever he’s supposed to be) my passport and Peace Corps ID. He wants my vaccination card. I said I don’t have it. He says something like, “then you need to pay, come with me.” Really pissed off, I follow the ass-hole to his hangout, along with a few other passengers. I find out that my “fine” is 1000 CFA, so I angrily give it to him and go back to the van. I stayed pissed for a while. The van decides to poop out on us several times in the next hour—we just seem to be getting nowhere slowly. Finally the situation is remedied. We take a quick lunch break in Goudiri, although I just have a handful of dried fruit. We get to Kidira, which is on the border of Mali. I go through 10 or 15 minutes of getting my passport checked, even though I tell them I’m just going to Bakel, and not Mali. They stamp my passport anyway. Those of us going to Bakel are transferred to another van: a real piece of shit with idiot driver and companions. I really thought we were going to fly off the road or hit someone or something several times. Once the entire stick shift came out of the floor; then there was a flat tire a few miles outside of Bakel. At 7:00 p.m. I’m glad to arrive in Bakel, but I don’t think I’ve been dirtier in my life—it was really bad. Too late to cross the river, so I take a little walk and look for a hotel. I find a really cheap place, Hotel Islam, for 3000 CFA. The cheapest so far, and it shows. The “reception” is just a family scattered on the floor. I never sign anything, just get the key to a small room with an apparently self-repaired bed. The boy showing me in brings with him a ratty old matla for the bedframe and a sheet. Soon, I take a shower (aahhh...) and go to a boutique outside where I get some water, a baguette, some cookies, and a can of pineapples. I’ll probably turn in early tonight, but I’ll spend a short while tomorrow just looking around Bakel. Hopefully, the whole vaccination thing won’t be a problem when I cross the river. There’s always swimming, I guess. January 23: I’m back in Selibaby. I got up this morning and, as I was leaving my hotel room, there was Robyn! She leads me up to the roof and there is the rest of the Guidimaka gang! What a surprise! They got to the hotel last night at 11:00, as I was sleeping (as I fought the mosquitoes.) They were also going back to Se
"LOST FANTASY LEAGUE" Holy cow, it's almost here! We are just a few hours away from the Season 6 premier of Lost! My sincere apologies to those of you in other countries that have to wait a few more days. Hopefully nothing gets spoiled for you in the meantime. Today we are talking about Group 1 of the Lost Fantasy League. This is a collection of those characters that we feel are 'elite.' The character you chose from Group 1 will be the backbone of your Fantasy Team. One wrong decision here could mean the difference from rocking your way to the top of the standings or finding yourself somewhere in the middle of the pack. So, do you think that you made a smart pick? Let's find out! JACK SHEPHARD While the debate over whether Jack or Sawyer is the better character remains to be settled, Jack is your clear winner in Fantasy League selections. Appearing on 45% of all Fantasy Team rosters, it seems that a lot of you took the sensible approach to Group 1. Jack has been very consistent with his LFL totals, landing in the 600's two seasons in a row. Lost started with Jack and I can't see him not being around for the end of it. Whatever Happened, Happened: Jack was leading the way for WHH since Daniel died so I can't imagine he wouldn't be around to see the aftermath. Jack has always been in the middle of everything so I think he may become the leader of the A-Team once more no matter where WHH lands them. Jack's points potential is as high as it ever was. Reboot: If we do get a reboot, I suspect Jack would be a very important part of it. Again, Lost started with Jack so I have to assume a reboot would as well. A reboot hurts everyone's potential for Island-related points but there might be enough for Jack to do on the mainland to tally up a nice score. Grade: Great. Jack is always a sure-fire bet for the Fantasy League. If the rest of your team is pretty solid, then you ought to have a great year even if Jack fails to be the top-scoring character for the third straight year. He's going to have to step it up from last year but I think Jack will have an increased presence in everything in Season 6. His points will be up and that can only be good for you. I still think that there is a chance that Jack might die at the end of the series but he ought to rack up enough points to prevent his possible death from setting you back. HUGO "HURLEY" REYES Now that he is finally in the big leagues, Hurley needs to step up his game. He is going to need to score some major Numbers points and Island weirdness points to give Jack and Kate a run for the money. Hurley has been one of the best supporting members for Fantasy Team rosters, averaging around 520 points per season but he is going to need to step it up for the 18% of you that picked him. WHH: He will benefit from being in the thick of it all and probably won't face too much real danger. Hurley has been one of the few characters to avoid a lot of injury deductions. I expect this to continue based on Hurley's perceived innocence. He's never been a part of a gunfight (though he has run someone over), so that is a definite advantage over the rest of Group 1. Reboot: The Numbers followed him before the Island and I expect them to do the same in a reboot. He may get a kiss or two from his mother and he may even have a few Island Visions if the Island needed 815 to crash all along. He will probably be more of a supporting role in a reboot though, so Hugo-pickers will probably hope for WHH. Grade: Pretty good but not the best. The numbers don't lie. Jack and Kate are the masters of the Lost Fantasy League. Hurley has done very well in the past but I just don't see him coming forward enough to catch up to the top dogs. If Hurley outlives both Kate and Jack, he might pull off an upset but I doubt it. Jack and Kate seem like long haul characters for the show. JAMES "SAWYER" FORD Even though he more than doubled his total from Season 4 to Season 5, I just can't support Sawyer as a smart choice. This may rub the 15% of you with him on your team the wrong way but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Even his impressive 560 points last year was well behind the likes of Jack and Kate. Not even his romance with Juliet could take him to the next level. WHH: Whatever happens, Sawyer is going to be pissed about losing Juliet. I don't see him getting back with Kate and I don't see him being very agreeable for quite some time. This could make him more prone to violence and could make him reckless in dangerous situations. He's lost his reason to live but I don't know that he'll be trying to get himself killed. Reboot: Sawyer goes back to being the slick con man of old. If he remains important to the story, we may see him wooing another rich woman for her money. This opens him up to some romance points but probably not much else. It will depend on how important Reboot Sawyer is. Grade: Shaky. To me, Sawyer has always been the Island's favorite little

real clear cookies
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