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Best Rice Cooker

best rice cooker
    rice cooker
  • A rice cooker or rice steamer is a self-contained tabletop kitchen appliance for cooking rice. There are electrical and gas powered versions. The term can also refer to a container designed for cooking rice in a microwave oven. Dedicated rice cookers date from the earliest of times.
best rice cooker - Sanyo ECJ-N55W
Sanyo ECJ-N55W 5-1/2-Cup Electric Rice Cooker with Porridge/Soup Cooker and Steamer
Sanyo ECJ-N55W 5-1/2-Cup Electric Rice Cooker with Porridge/Soup Cooker and Steamer
Enjoy a variety of healthy dishes with quick and easy preparation in this Sanyo multi-function appliance. The sealed jar style cooker holds in flavor and nutrients to make your meal as tasty as you expect. Prepare your favorite rice (up to 11 cups cooked rice), make soup or steam vegetables with one touch of the switch. The two menu switch controls the heating elements for cooking rice meals or making foods such as porridge, soup or risotto. A specially designed lid eliminates boiling over of porridge or soup. Steam your favorite veggies with the included steaming tray. Foods are prepared in the easy to clean non-stick inner pot. After initial cooking, the keep warm function automatically keeps your food warm and delicious for hours. The steam vent and dew collector are removable and easy to clean. Convenient carrying handle allows you to bring your food directly to the table to enjoy. Included in the carton are a measuring cup, spatula and multi-language instruction manual (English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese). White with metallic style wrap color.

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pudding was a success!
pudding was a success!
got no oven here so had to make the pudding in a very difficult way. and the rice cooker was an old styled one with no steamer. was very challenging but was a success though, i placed a metallic pan holder inside added water and steamed the pudding tray on top of it. my first own made pudding and it was the best i tasted so far! seriously melts in the mouth ^.^
Comfort food of the very best kind.....roast pork (lechon asado) fried plantains (tostones) and rice and beans (arroz con habichuelas).

best rice cooker
best rice cooker
Tiger America 20c Pro Rice Cooker- Stainless ( JNO-A36U )
20 cups Tiger Professional Rice Cooker Is this the worlds best rice cooker. Certainly leading Sushi and Asian Resturants around the world think so: Tiger's JNO-A360 is designed for heavy every day commercial use. Thick Stainless steel shell covers the huge 1510 Watt heating unit: This unit cooks 20 cups of any type of rice to perfection, then keeps it warm at the ideal serving temprature of 158 Degrees: Advanced cooking features include surround heating for even cooking and a Thermal Read Switch to precisely control temperature and steam flow. Heavy duty unit is built to last for over ten years of daily food service: Features: Electronic control heating makes better rice. High quality double wall construction with locking top to seal in flavor. Special keep-warm heating elements (in the lid and in body) keep rice warm up to 12 hours without drying or burning the rice. Includes measuring cup, spatula, cooking and steamer pans - everything necessary to make tasty rice dishes and other foods. 20 cups dry rice capacity makes up to 40 cups of cooked rice. Water level marks on inner surface of ricecooking bowl insure the correct amount of water is added. Indicator lights show whether cooking or warming mode is in use. Non-stick PTFE coated rice cooking and steamer pans make clean-up easy. Built in carrying handle for safe and easy moving. Retractable power cord reduces counter top clutter and stays attached for storage.

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