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NeXTSTEP is a unix based operating system created by NeXT computers. (NOTE THAT THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON A MAC OR A PC WITH THE RIGHT COMPONENTS)
NeXTSTEP is responsible for many things you see in the Mac OS today as well as some stuff in Linux in Windows.

To install it in VirtualBox the configuration should be set to the preset options for either DOS or FreeBSD
You will need a hard drive with a 2GB capacity (not dynamic) and 128 MB of memory.
The Hard Disk needs to be on a IDE controller NOT a SCSI, even though NeXT's used SCSI, it runs much better with IDE.
You are going to need 3 floppy images, the boot floppy, standard drivers, beta drivers.
You will also need a copy of NeXTSTEP with the Millennium bug patched, I personally recommend NeXTSTEP 3.3 and not OpenSTEP.

(download "3.3 beta drivers.floppyimage", "3.3 Driver Disk.floppyimage" and "3.3 Boot Disk.floppyimage")
Once you have downloaded these 3 files you MUST rename the .floppyimage extension to .img, this will not corrupt the file it just makes it recognisable as a mountable image.
Rest assured that this is a REAL file, if you dont trust my word find a original install disk and convert to .iso image.
This file needs to be mounted as the optical disk in the IDE controller.

Before running the machine you need to mount the boot floppy .img to the floppy drive controller and set the boot order to:
1. Floppy
2. Optical Disk
3. Hard Disk
And un-tick networking for the moment.

You are now ready to run the Virtual Machine.
The first thing you will be prompted with when running is a dialogue saying NeXTSTEP will start in 10 seconds, just wait the 10 seconds or press enter.
It will then prompt you for a language selection, type 1 and press enter for english or choose another if preferred.
The next prompt will say: "This program is for installing NEXTSTEP on a hard disk.", just type 1 and press enter.
Next it will tell you to put the Device Drivers in the floppy drive. To do this goto the Devices tab on VirtualBox and click Floppy Devices and then Choose File, select the Driver Disk and go back to the virtual machine and press enter.

When it prompts you to select a driver press 4 and enter.
It will then re prompt you, but don't be mistaken this isn't the same window, you need to goto Devices again and switch the Floppy Device for the beta drivers now. Once done return once again the virtual machine and type 8 and press enter. It will then look like the same window once again but just type 7 and press enter, it will prompt you for 2 options this time, type 2 and press enter

On this next window just ignore the text and type 1 and enter.
Suddenly a mini operating system window will appear and it will start listing random stuff that very few will understand and then bring you to a prompt with 2 options, for this just type 1 and enter.

It will then prompt you again in the window, just type 1 and enter.
Another prompt will pop up, just type 1 and enter.
It will start installing from the disk, this may take a few minutes...

It should look a bit like this while it does it:

Installing /usr/lib/randomstuff/tjafjidafisanfasi

Once this is done it will say Completed. at the top. Goto Devices again and un-tick the beta drivers and go back into the window and press enter. It will restart.
It will then after rebooting do what it did before with the 10 seconds thingy, just wait it or press enter.
It will now prompt you for drivers again, just goto Drivers and goto floppy and click the beta drivers disk. After doing so go back to the Virtual Machine and press 1 and enter.

Now you get a nice new window with a colourless title saying NEXTSTEP
You may get a message box saying Alert at the top with the following "erase ^? intr ^C kill ^U", just restart the Virtual Machine.
If you dont get that message then congrats but if you do then un-tick the beta drivers again, and reboot, do the same thing you did before and put the beta drivers back and press 1 and enter. Keep doing this until it boots successfully. When its successful you will get a window with a cancel and ok, just press ok.

You will be taken too a settings sort of screen with lots of tabs and options, don't click any of them just press save. It will take you too a install menu next, un-tick all the languages and continue, it will start installing. After this is done and it says to reboot, go back to virtualbox settings for the machine and set the boot order to hard drive first.

Once loaded it may still fail to boot to the OS, just restart and it will get there eventually.
Contact me at ben@benjaminwoodley.com if you are struggling with any of the installation.
Unfortunately I haven't found a way to make the resolution larger for the moment, but if you want to try and get a better resolution it involves some experimentation with the mid install setup menu that I told you to do nothing to, I don't recormend it because you will have to reinstall each time that it fails and gives you random static images..

Networking also needs some experimentation but that can be setup inside the operating system after install is done.
I have no clue about colour but you may need to emulate certain graphics cards for the next like the 'dimension' mother board for the NeXT Cube and the Graphics hardware from the NeXT Workstation Colour Slab.