Case Skid Steer Info & Repair

1835C Continental TMD20 Diesel

TMD27 TM20 TM27 Parts sources and general info for all equipment powered by Continental TM series Gasoline / LP engines and TMD series diesel engines.  Some New Holland skid steers, Clark forklifts, & Broderson cranes, along with many other products have been powered by the TM/TMD series of Continental engines.



UPDATE AS OF 08-21-2011

My 1835C with Gannon 4-n-1 bucket is SOLD!  I completed a lot of work with it, and it now has a new owner.  I just did not have the work to justify a loader now that my house is complete.  

Update as of 11-04-2011

The TM series pistons I had for sale are sold.  

Welcome to a work in progress.  I hope to provide others with as much information about 1987-1997 Case 1835C skid steer loaders as I can.

I used to own a 1987 1835C with a Teledyne Continental TMD20 diesel engine.  It was purchased new by a local concrete contractor who  did not perform ANY maintainance.  With about 2400 hours on it, he had managed to nearly destroy the engine because he did not maintain his equipment.  To give you an idea, when I purchased it in late 2007 it still had air cleaners from 1988 in it.  The 1835C seems to be the unwanted stepchild of the 1845C.  The 1835C does not have the everlasting Cummins B-series engine like the 1845C.  With the 1835C we are stuck with the diesel TMD20 or the gas TM20.  The TMD20 is not a bad engine, and can actually be rebuilt for a reasonable price if you know where to get the parts.  If you need to order parts, and cannot read the nameplate the model is TMD20, and the spec# is 8604.

The good...

Case has an awesome website, see Click here for CASE online parts catalog.  Their online catalog is a great tool.   I was able to do a lot of simple work with only a parts catalog.   eBay is a great way to find an owners manual and or a service manual. 

Messicks is a large Case dealership, with a great website and fair prices.  If you need CASE parts, and you do not have a local dealership Messicks can really help you out.  Click here for Messicks, a GREAT online CASE dealership.

Wisconsin Motors Canada is where I got all of my engine parts.  The Canadian crew seem to know the Continental engines inside and out, unfortunately Murray (who was great) no longer works for WMC.  Now you will most likely deal with Mike, who I've had mixed results with.  Make sure you are not in a hurry, the gasket set I ordered from him took nearly three months to get to me.   Expect to pay about 30-60% less than you would to get the same part from CASE.  If anybody needs to contact WMC they are now Mississauga Construction Equipment 3171 Cantelon Cres, Mississauga Ontario Canada L5N-3J7 416-278-6093.  

Wisconsin Motors Canada, good prices and great info on Continental engines          FREE TMD operator repair manual

I have recently heard good things about another Continental parts source, and I'd suggest giving Jon a call and seeing what he can do for you.

Concept Industrial Products (attn. Jon)

1151 west 22nd street

Houston Texas 77008


I was able to rebuild my engine for about $1100 in parts.  That included new pistons, pins, rings, bearings, valves, valve guides, valve springs, regrinding of cam and lifters, new oil pump, seals and gaskets (I did get a great deal on the pistons on eBay).  Machine work and set me back about $500.00, and I spent about $360 to have the injection pump repaired.

The bad...

Continental engines do not have sleeves , so that means it is a little more work to rebuild one.

Many people and places do not want the "bother" of selling you Continental engine parts.  I would suggest that you research on your own, and purchase directly from Concept Industrial Products, WMC or another Continental parts dealer.

The stanadyne DB2 pumps are not known to be great, but they are reasonable to rebuild.

The ugly...

Some parts are obsolete.  My suggestion is that if you have a Continental powered skid steer that is showing signs of wear, REBUILD IT NOW!  Most parts are redily available, but I have come across some that are not, expect to pay about $200 for .020 or .030 undersize rod bearings.  Also, do not break your camshaft (you can if you use the bolt to press on the cam gear), since a new one will set you back about $660.00.  If you wait, and burn a bearing (or worse) you will feel your pocketbook get lighter.


Save some money...

Here are some things I have figured out...

My skid steer had an odball Bosch altenator on it.  Replacement cost would have been about $250 for a rebuild, or $160 for a Russian knockoff off eBay.  I took a gamble and bought a GM one wire alternator from JEG'S.  Turned out that it was a perfect fit, I just had to take the pulley from my old alternator and slap it on the new one.  This allowed me to get rid of some of the factory wire harness, and save a little money (cost was about $100 to my door).  Jeg's 100A 1 wire alternator


Injector shields.

One of my friends owns a VW repair shop.  After I spent $12.00 each for CASE Stanadyne injector heat shields (Part # 1959791C1), he noticed that they seem to be the same as a 1981-89 VW diesel injector shield.  We got out the calipers, and sure enough they are identical, only the VW shields are $1.25 each...  VW injector shields for $1.06

Consider a reground Cam and lifters.

New lifters are about $25-$40 each, and a new camshaft is about $660.00.  That is reason enough to take a serious look into having yours reground.  I paid $7.00 each for the lifters, and $80 for the camshaft.