Lantern Corps of Investigators

So. I'm a bit of a Green Lantern fan. By "bit" I mean to say that I was dressed up in a Hallowe'en costume I made myself at a midnight screening of the new movie. But that's beside the point.

I've had... well, let's be honest... daydreams of being a Green Lantern and I thought about what I might do as one. As messed up the universe is out there, we're pretty messed up here; let's face it. I thought I'd probably set up an NCIS/FBI-esque police force to help keep an eye on things down here. Now, not only will they investigate crimes of a potential extra-terrestrial nature, but they'd also have a strong diplomatic component essentially hell-bent on bringing humanity together.

I think that's something that would be really important to me; to use the resources of the Guardians to help bring us together. It would be an interesting idea to throw international Earth politics with aliens and stuff. Like SG1 but nothing like it because all of this would be out in the open. It would also be interesting to try to delve into what that little tid-bit of information would do to the world of international politics: that we aren't alone.

Don't have any characters yet... Just a concept. Think I should continue this train of thought?