Taking a look at riding a recumbent Starts here!


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Taking a look at Riding a recumbent starts here.

This information is a good Start. Have fun!

I would recommend you look at these websites and find a model or style that appeals to you then search the manufacture website to see if they have dealers in your location.

<Bent’s are very different from one model or style to another. You might love one and hate another bike in the same style of bike.  If you can I recommend you ride as many as you can!

Look at buyer’s guide---great website for getting answers to your questions.




Internet store ---good catalog great info as well.



Local shop (5 miles) selling bent’s for years! I bought my bikes here not the best area to test ride since it’s in the city.



Cheep knock off of every bike not bad but you get what you pay for. Mail order only



Great selection of bikes/ good test area to ride / but it’s not close



Try this shop.They have bikes and their only short hop away

609 586 0150 Economy Bike & Skateboard Shop in Trenton area.

Find the bike you want in this guide click me! 


 Local North Jersey bike group is an excellant resource!

Go to MARS

some tips!!



 seat adjustment