PFLAG Benton Franklin

Join us for our monthly meetings the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

Details on meeting place and a map can be found under the Meetings & Calendar page.


PFLAG Happenings
As PFLAG promotes Support, Education, and Advocacy here are some things we have done at past monthly meetings: 
Thanks to everyone who partnered with us in our mission to fill the pantry and supply warm clothes for the youth at Quest Youth Center! Your generosity was very appreciated! 

Life After DOMA! What does it mean and what does it look like? After the historic news on 6/26/2013 people had questions as to how things would change for them in various ways. We held an information night at CBC with attorney Jill Mullins joining us. 

We recently held a panel event "Open & Affirming Faith Communities".  This evening was paneled several local faith communities that are open and affirming of LGBT and those that support and love them. There was a panel discussion first, giving personal information as well as denominational and church views on why their church is open and affirming. The evening was then open to discussion and questions from those who may have questions about how to be faithful and still be a member of the LGBT community or be someone who loves and supports them unconditionally. 

We invited some members of our community who came and shared their journey as transgender men and women and some of the things they have faced. It was a fantastic and open dialog in which they were very gracious and open in what they shared and educated us as to how we can be better advocates in our community and day to day lives. We thank them very much for joining us.
At another meeting we had a guest from the Benton Franklin Health Department where we heard about the many services and programs offered that most of us hadn't heard of before as well as had a very informative Q&A time.
In October 2011, Scott Pasfield joined us for a special release party! A wonderful evening where he discussed his book and the journey in making "Gay In America". It was an insightful presentation and after he signed copies of the book for those that attended. All proceeds from this special evening benefited PFLAG Benton Franklin.
Vocabulary can be confusing to many people. So we had a guest speaker who provided education about LGBTQQIA language. (and you can found out what those letters mean as well as what are & are not acceptable words/phrases.) There was also a segment on LGBTQQIA History. This was a great meeting filled with wonderful dialog and information!

We are always open to hear about topics of interest to you, and perhaps even revisit past ones again. If you have a suggestion, please let us know!

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