Bentleyfarm is located in Decatur, Texas. We have been perfecting our painted desert hair sheep for loud color, fast growing horns, worm resistance, large build, and a docile personality since the mid 1990's.   We registered our first sheep with the Painted Desert Sheep Society in 2003.    Our goal has been to raise sheep that stay fat and healthy on pasture alone with as little interference from man as possible.  

Bentley's Rafe

Current herd sire Bentley's Rafe, a Tank son. Pictured above on 2nd birthday, gold medal with a score of 103. Measured April 2020 with a total score of 110 and 1/8ths. Pictured below, Sept. 2019. Rafe has Tank's easy going nature, but so far is really out doing dad on the horns and possibly size too. Rafe and Tank were both born on Pearl Harbor day 12-7. 

Bentley's Blitz

Bentley's Blitz - sire, grand sire, and great grand sire to many of our current breeding ewes. Blitz was born at Bentley farm in 2006 and used as a sire for 6 years.  He has gone to a new home in Tolar, Texas where the ewes aren't so related to him. Visit his page, by clicking Blitz link above.

Bentley's Tank

Bentley's Tank was herd sire from 2012 to 2016. Tank was an inch over gold medal horn status at 25 months old (with over 11 inch bases). Tank sired over 200 lambs, all black and white paints. We believe Tank is a true homozygous black and white ram. Tank went to Valley of Hope ranch in 2018, but many of his offspring stayed here. 
Tank is pictured above when he received his Gold Star Ram from PDSS with a total score of 99 and 7/8ths. 

We measured Tank again on his 3rd birthday (12-7-2012) and his total score was 103 and 1/2.  Pictured below on his 3rd birthday. Please visit Tank's page for pictures and measurements as he grew. 

Bentleyfarm uses guard llamas and is currently breeding a few. Ask about llamas for sale. 

Bentleyfarm now has a few miniature zebu.        

Please contact us at    Bentleyfarm2@gmail.com  about sheep for sale.

Tank and Aaron won first place in youth showmanship in the PDSS Cybershow 2012.  
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