This website is largely a planning and filing tool for myself and the Bentleigh maths teacher team, though I hope that others will find it useful also. 
My teaching philosophy is centered around creating opportunities for students to think and helping students increase their mathematical understandings and knowledge (from wherever they may be). I feel that this can be achieved with effective questions and tasks, and by reducing the amount of explicit whole class teaching
You can click on each year level to see the content descriptors for the Australian Curriculum and accompanying activities, tasks and links. Alternatively, you can click on a topic to see descriptions of each resource/activity within that topic.
Please note that the duration of each activity ranges from 20 minutes to 2 periods. 

Key Influences

Very little on this site is 100% original. A number of key (free) resources and influential people are listed below

Nrich: Problem solving

Malcolm Swan: Improving Learning in Mathematics, Teaching Sessions 

Jodie Parsons and Yvonne Riley: Maths in the Inclusive Classroom

Jo Boaler: Books and online course