Welcome! I am a 2nd year Ph.D candidate at the University of Georgia in Athens studying mathematics. My advisor is Benjamin Bakker.

Here is my departmental website. Here is my CV.

Research Interests

Complex algebraic geometry, Hodge theory, K3 Surfaces, Calabi-Yau manifolds, and abelian varieties.


Summer 2019

  1. (July 22-26). I will be attending a conference on del Pezzo Surfaces and Fano Varieties at the Mathematisches Institut at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf.
  2. (June 24-28). I will be attending a conference on derived categories, moduli spaces, and deformation theory at the San Michele hotel in Cetraro, Italy.
  3. I am supported this summer through the AGANT RTG Grant (NSF DMS-1344994).

Spring 2019

  1. (May 16-24). I will be attending the 2019 Felix Klein Lectures on o-Minimal geometry and Hodge theory given by Ben Bakker at the Hausdorff Institute of Mathematics.
  2. (May 6-10, 2019). I will be attending MSRI's conference on recent progress in moduli theory.
  3. (May 1st, 2019). I passed(!) my oral exam and was admitted to candidacy. My committee consisted of B. Bakker (advisor), P. Clark, P. Engel, and D. Lorenzini. Here is my best recollection of the exam.
  4. (April 4-6, 2019). I attended a conference on Moduli in Budapest at the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics.
  5. (March 31-April 9). I visited the ETH Zurich math department.
  6. (March 25-29, 2019). I was invited to attend the MSRI's conference on derived algebraic geometry and its applications.
  7. (February 11-15, 2019). I attended a conference on birational geometry and Hodge theory, as part of the CIRM's thematic month on complex geometry in Marseille, France. I was funded through the institution.
  8. (January 25, 2019). I gave an introductory talk on intersection theory over algebraic surfaces in the graduate AG seminar.
  9. (January 11-13, 2019). I attended a conference on complex algebraic geometry at UCSD. I was funded through the conference.
  10. I organized the Graduate Algebraic Geometry Seminar this semester.
  11. I am funded this semester through the math department's RTG grant.
  12. I took my oral exam this semester. I am focusing on algebraic geometry (schemes, cohomology) and K3 surfaces. Here is my finalized oral exam syllabus.

Fall 2018

  1. (December 7-9, 2018). I attended a graduate workshop on moduli spaces and Bridgeland stability at UIC. I was funded through their FRG grant.
  2. (November 16-18, 2018). I attended a graduate workshop on D-Modules and Hodge theory at UIC. I was funded through their NSF grant.
  3. (November 9, 2018). I gave a talk on "Algebraic Geometry for Non-Algebraic Geometers" in SMARTS. I focused on the "big" problem of birational classes.
  4. (November 7, 2018). I gave a talk on complex surfaces in the graduate topology seminar.
  5. (October 30, 2018). I gave a talk on Serre GAGA in the graduate student seminar. Here are some notes.
  6. (October 20, 2018). I volunteered at the annual high school math tournament.
  7. (October 6-7). I attended the Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium (WAGS) at the University of Oregon.
  8. (August 9-10, 2018). I passed my third (real analysis, 3/4) and final (topology (MP), 4/4) qualifying exams!
  9. I participated in the DRP again as Xinyu Shi's graduate mentor. We discussed elliptic curves.
  10. I graded for Math 3100 (Sequences and Series) this semester, along with study hall.

Summer 2018

  1. (July 26-27, 2018). I discussed Hodge theory and period mappings at the annual Mock-AMS talks at UGA. Here are the slides.
  2. (June 23-25, 2018). I attended a workshop on Higgs bundles at UIC.
  3. I received funding this term through the RTG grant (NSF DMS-1344994).

Spring 2018

  1. (April 12, 2018). I lead a review session for the third precalculus midterm with Kellie Sappington, supported by the DAE.
  2. (April 9, 2018). I gave a lecture in the "Rational Points" reading group on the classification of surfaces and Kodaira dimension. Here are some notes.
  3. (March 18, 2018). I helped Kellie Sappington create a video series for a precalculus midterm through the DAE. Here is a link to the videos.
  4. (March 6, 2018). I gave a talk in the K3 surfaces topics course. The lecture focused on singular abelian and K3 surfaces and was based primarily on the results of Shioda and Inose.
  5. (February 23-25, 2018). I attended the Georgia algebraic geometry symposium (GAGS) at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  6. (January 24, 2018). I gave a lecture in the Hodge theory VRG on the finitude of the variation of Hodge structure. The talk was based on a paper of Deligne. Here is a loose translation of the relevant parts, as well as the lecture notes. The original paper (in French) can be found here.
  7. (January 3, 2018). I passed my second qualifying exam (complex analysis, 2/4).
  8. I served as one of the math department's representatives for the Division of Academic Enhancement (DAE), tutoring undergraduates in early college math courses.
  9. I participated in the math department's Directed Reading Program (DRP) as a graduate mentor. I advised Hank Morris in algebraic geometry. I based Hank's program on Fulton's Algebraic Curves.
  10. I served as the graduate proctor for the precalculus lab.

Fall 2017

  1. (October 21, 2017). I volunteered at the UGA math tournament.
  2. (September 26, 2017). I gave a talk at the graduate student seminar, titled "On the Casas-Alvero Conjecture for Univariate Polynomials over a Field of Characteristic 0." The talk was based on a 2007 paper.
  3. (August 9, 2017). I passed my first qualifying exam (algebra, 1/4).
  4. I graded homework, projects and midterms, and held office hours for two sections of math 3300 (Applied Linear Algebra). I also tutored during study hall for the department's undergraduates.
  5. I served as the graduate proctor for the precalculus lab.

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