Andy Monroe

Ben went above and beyond to create my headshot! It's quite apparent that this is not a mere job for him, but a passion. He really invests himself in the project and is a joy to work with. Best of all, he took my mind off the whole "posing" aspect of having your photo taken, and brought my natural self out---effortlessly!

Allison Spratt Pearce

Ben makes you feel so at ease during your shoot with him. I finally felt like someone really captured me in a photo. It was natural, easy and fun. Alexis is a fantastic make-up artist that works with him as well. They are a great team that will give you your best YOU shot!

James Stewart
I can't think of a better person than Ben to have done my first ever photo shoot in the United States after moving here from New Zealand. He gave me great shots at a great price, which have been consistently complimented and helped to get me work in the acting field.



Daniel Mazza
This was my first head shot session and it was AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make me feel so comfortable and also for taking such wonderful pictures.


Jacob Thompson

I have had many shots taken professionally but when I wanted my first underwear/fitness shots, I new just who to go to. Ben mad me feel so comfortable and kept me laughing in this most awkward and intimate of settings. A friend passed on a couple of the raw shots to the artistic director of Next Magazine and they invited me to shoot their swimsuit issue. Not only did his shots get their attention, but what I learned from shooting with Ben helped me get shots I am not only proud of, but I got the cover!

Roxanne Clinton
Ben took some headshots of me earlier this month. I've never had professional pictures taken and I didn't know what to expect. I was quite nervous. Well, not only did Ben make me feel at ease, but the pictures that he took of me were absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe how comfortable I looked and how Ben captured me in a really natural, relaxed way. He was very patient and I didn't feel hurried or that I was 'making mistakes'.

The use of lighting was very complimentary and my pictures look incredible!

Ben is hands down the best in the business!

Hector Coris
Ben made a generally stressful and tiresome task extremely personable and enjoyable. He made this uptight, self-conscious performer feel right at home in the studio and completely relaxed me.

I did one of the "mini-sessions" he often offers and you really get an amazing session with lots of great shots to choose from.

Ben's great! I highly recommend him. I love my headshots!


Larry Kaye
Ben was great. He makes you feel so relaxed. He tells great stories. And, is a fantastic photographer. Six thumbs up!


Bob Dombrowski
I havent had a headshot taken in over 20 years and my 20 minute @ $75.00 (what a deal) session with Ben was a great experience. He knew just how to bring out "Bob" and capture that on camera. I'm always getting compliments on my headshot . And most of all....I LIKE IT! Thanks, Ben.

Edgard Gallardo
My session with Ben was amazing!!! He is great at making you feel comfortable and relaxed. I got so many good shots it was hard to narrow it down to a couple. I thoroughly recommend him!!!

Gregory Guy Gorden
Ben is a wonderful photographer at an amazing price. All you have to do is check out his online portfolio to see that he is extremely talented. But he's also a very funny, friendly guy and I had a great time during our session together. It showed in my pictures and I ended up with a ton of super shots to choose from.

Laura Daniel

I had so much fun at our photo session! It was more like a party than a sitting for headshots, because all we did was talk and laugh - it was like being with an old friend. Thanks so much, Ben! I'm thrilled with the results and received tons of great feedback.

Ray Sheen

It was a pleasure to work with Ben. He has an easy-going charm that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Ben also has an experienced and critical eye about what looks great through the lens. I am very pleased with the photo session this afternoon and would recommend him to anyone who needs headshots.

Scott Denny

Honestly...I avoided getting new head shots for 13 years...yup...I waited that long to do it because I really don't enjoy it. I feel so self conscientious and worry about how my smile is looking or if my hair (what is left) is funky. But I never felt that at all in my sitting with Ben. He made me feel like the camera was my friend and I felt a sense of trust and ease I have not felt before with other photographers I have been to. Perhaps that is why I waited so long (well that and typical high headshot prices). I actually want to go back and have some more done soon! Although honestly..look out...he is so engaging and charming, you may never want to leave the studio!

Brody Dalton Karn

Ben is GREAT to work with! His sense of humor and efficiency makes the shoot so smooth and easy. I would recommend Ben to anyone who is looking to update their head shots or need a photographer!


Timothy Mathis

He's wonderful, he makes it a pleasure, he's funny, he's easy on the eyes... and he jabbers nonstop. Took my best headshots ever and he will take more. The best thing is, the pics look like me, but I look GREAT!


Kristen Novak

He really puts you at ease. I loved his photos so much the first time, I'm going back again!


Jai Sada

A great personality..serious skills..and fun! This was the easiest photo shoot ever! You would do yourself a total disservice not to have Ben take your head shots...


Mary Brienza

What a great photo session! It was it relaxed and fun, and the proof is in the results. The shots look terrific - so many really good, useable shots that it's hard to choose. Thank you for a wonderful experience.



Stephen Oremus

...taken by a great guy. ben couldn't have been sweeter and got some terrific shots. what a pleasure!


Colleen Horan
Ben is fantastic. Always a pleasure to work with, he has a knack for making you feel very comfortable in a shoot. Really personable and easy going. I recommend him to all my actor friends AND to my dad, a musician, who also loved working with him.

If he can make your dad look cool, that's when you know.

Adam Zelasko

I first called Ben when I saw the pictures he took of Cheyenne Jackson. I said, "Can you make me look like that??" He quoted me a great price, worked his butt off making me look good in the studio, and he's done all of my headshots since I moved to New York. On top of that he is especially kind to returning customers. Thanks Ben!


Sidney J. Burgoyne
I have to check myself because I could become addicted to photo sessions with Ben Strothmann. He goes straight for the heart and then starts clicking. I'm mad for him and his work.

Justin Brill

Lots of fun, made the process so easy and comfortable, got some really quality shots as well!!


Mark Roy McMahon

In January, I used Ben's services for the second time in four years. I am not in the theatre, but like to keep updated face pics. I have seen a marked improvement in his work, and i actually look younger now than when he took my pics in 2005!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben is great to work with, and he does just fantastic stuff.

Theresa Burns

I am so happy I chose to have my headshots taken by Ben. He was sooo much fun to work with- and the final results showed as much. He had a way of making me forget that the camera was even there, which made me look my best and produced wonderful headshots. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to get their headshots done.