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downloadable movies to look at. Most of these are 1+ megabytes, so can't really download unless you have a fast connection.
Return to home page   open video project. Many very large videos, some small, some poor quality, some good, but lots and lots of different topics. One interesting one is "Anatomy of a Hurricane"    Internet Archive. Movies, text, other. Whole bunch of movies.   links to movies about science   learning tube.
some ads on this site.   teacher tube
but this site has lots of ads on the site.
Teachertube also listed here   in websites section
and here   in links of the month.

History channel   I think you can watch at least some episodes and full length vidios. Ads before the videos.
  You tube also has a section on history channel   which links to a bunch of their videos.

PBS    science reports

American Field Guide   "We've collected over 1400 video clips that enable you to experience America's wilderness firsthand"

Nova   science


Exploratorium tv    This is the museum of science, art and human perception.

National Geographic    science, technology, environment, animals, other topics.  Have to watch ads before the videos and they are only 5 minutes or so long.
 National Geo for kids   more stuff, ads before the videos

SPACE AND ROCKETS   basic video site, also links to podcasts and NASA tv.    Cameras on the space shuttle as they lift off    nasa shuttle vidio clips, and some pictures.   Cassini-Huygens Multimedia Page vidios and pictures.    NASA Langley Research Center - Multimedia Repository.  This has lots of movies. Where it says "With multimedia type", click on movies and search.   international space station   Robot education project video page. Also see webcasts.    Destination Tomorrow.  History and issues of flight, space, etc. Can view episodes from 2001 to 2005    has NASA's kid science, Sci files and NASA Connect.

Dryden Aircraft Movie Collection   the 60th anniversery movies are fairly long.    rocket cameras. Cameras on rockets as they lift off. From Ecliptic Enterprises.   european space agency, click on multimedia gallery then videos.     Digital Video Clips from the Space Telescope Science Institute. Comets, black hole animation, etc.  spitzer space telescope. Some movies and pictures.
also here  

More flight of various sorts    The Advanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter (ATIC) Scientific Balloon Experiment.  This page shows the preparation for launch, and the launch of the ballloon.     "Welcome to Sights and Sounds of Aviation"  Has bunch of movies.


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Science movies, animations   Ozone Depletion, from EPA  The Vega Science Trust.   This   is also some of their videos. They also link to other sites.   DVAction is a resource for chemistry laboratory instructors.   movies about the human body.   click on 'video', lots of clips.   science channel video gallery. One of the videos is about a flying port-o-potty.   more science videos   Science daily videos     interesting/entertaining science videos, Steve Spangler showing how science is entertaining.   science videos.

Physics / 100 Greatest Discoveries   posted in 2011, from Discovery Channel.

list of some science video sites  

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Trains   alabama railfan videos of trains,  and pictures at    becky and dave's train movies

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Some movies of robotics

usc robotics on line movies   has a movies page near the bottom    Honda's Asimo robot site has a movies page

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Other stuff   videos on line about environmental stuff, from greenpeace, UNEP.    construction equipment, such as tractors, cranes, etc. Most of the movies must have been made just for demonstration, as they dig dirt and then dump it in the same spot.     movies of thailand, 5-9 seconds, miami and hollywood, and organge county, south california.  Also some pictures and music at      Arizona Hang Glider Association, video's of take off, landing. Also lots of pictures.    enviroblimp, has a few short movies about a small model blimp.    movies of whales, dolphins, etc.  Also pictures.

E.N.T. Kids   movies and info about ear, nose and throat.     Olga and Vova Galchenko juggling promo.   movies about diego rivera     Acoustics and Vibration Animations, by Dan Russell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Applied Physics at Kettering University in Flint, MI. Not movies, but this site shows animations of Superposition of Two Waves - Interference, Standing Waves, and Beats, Longitudinal and Transverse Waves - Particle Motion for Longitudinal, Transverse, Water and Rayleigh Surface Waves, and bunch of other vibrations. All load when you load the page. My four year old found it interesting.

chemistry comes alive   from journal of chemical education. Most one or two minutes.   kind of public consumer news about science related stuff

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army in space   army in space and also missles.

OSHA   has some movies, crane safety, etc.

Pueblo   has some short public service announcements

experimental aircraft, or testing,   most short movies, under 1 minute.

US Air Force   video channel, but these seem pretty slow to load.

National archive and google partnered   to show archives of movies. This site brings you to   where the actual movies are.   Parkcasts of Black Canyons of the Gunnison.

Fun "science" or technology or stuff like thatl

Mythbusters McGyver vidio   get out of a locked room

Mythbusters, are elephants afraid of mice   links to other mythbusters

Steve Spangler science   mostly from channel 9 news. Steve Spangler also listed in a section above.

Professor Gizmo   small size to the vidios

Happy scientist   about 1/2 are free

ZOOs and other animals

Oregon Zoo    videos about animals.

Bronx Zoo multimedia   videos and pod casts of their animals

San Diego Zoo   videos and webcams too

Philadelphia zoo   some vids

Lincoln zoo   some videos of animals

A couple of interesting videos

Who's on first    Abbot and Costello's classic

Marx Brothers crowded stateroom scene   this version has Spanish subtitles

Marx Brothers sanity clause   

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version - Official   very complex process
  This is their youtube website, but not the Rube Goldberg machine   whatever is their newest thing

Will it blend?   blending all sorts of stuff, iphones, garden hoses, more....

Flying Karamazov brothers  

Ben's youtube channel, from an animation class    three of them are his, This thing, untitled3, and possibly chickenwizard. The others are from other kids in his class.

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