1 - How to use copyright material

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http://www.wipo.int/portal/index.html.en   world intellectual property organization has a page on copyright
http://www.wipo.int/copyright/en/   mainly links
http://www.wipo.int/treaties/en/  their list of treaties

http://www.copyright.gov/         important information about using copyright material

http://fairuse.stanford.edu/   Stanford copyright and fair use center.

http://www.whatiscopyright.org/      This page covers the basic definitions regarding copyrights. It has been written using the Berne Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property (Berne Convention) as the main bibliographical source,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berne_Convention_for_the_Protection_of_Literary_and_Artistic_Works      wikipedia's page with information on the Berne copyright treaties. With links to WIPO and their copy of the Berne Convention.

http://www.benedict.com/info/info.aspx    copyright website page of basic information. I'm not sure who owns this site.

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