Pictures, postcards, music, movies for children
These are just pictures, etc, that kids might find interesting. The sites were picked from web searches for web sites with free pictures, movies, music and so forth. See the bottom of this page for more info.

Copyright  information,  sites that explain how material may be used.

  information,  sites that talk about child safety on line.

Pictures   Links to pictures on the web that don't have to be downloaded, but you can just click and look.  That is, the pictures are embedded in the html page or are gifs.

MIDI  music files you can listen to on line

Movies  downloadable movies and videos of space and rockets, science, and other things (mpeg and other formats)

Virtual postcards   send a virtual postcard to grandma (or to anyone else). Postcards have trains, planets, caillou and other stuff.

Misc     for example, US Govn't kids.gov, American Library Association great sites for kids, Cal State Chico digital media bank - links to free pictures, movies, sounds. Also, a couple of Thomas Tank Engine sites.

Games    games from government, public television, educational organizations, or commercial sites that don't have a lot of pop ups.

Museums    some have pictures, movies, museums of art, science, etc.

Crafts and science project kids can do. Only sites listed by gov sites or some other major organization.

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