Watch Radio Free Roscoe Online

watch radio free roscoe online
  • A gun, esp. a pistol or revolver
  • Roscoe is a hamlet (and census-designated place) in Sullivan County, New York, United States. The population was 597 at the 2000 census.
  • David Williams (born 1983), better know by his stage name Roscoe, is a rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, California. His 2003 album, Young Roscoe Philaphornia, appeared on Billboard's Billboard 200 at #148.
  • Roscoe is a novel by William Kennedy which was published in 2002, and depicts an aging politician who is a key behind-the-scenes player in Albany, New York's Democratic Party machine.
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Roscoe Trout and Sadlers
Roscoe Trout and Sadlers
Left side: Dart the Dog: Dart would pick up the mail at the post office and would bring the grocerys back without people along. Roscoe Trout: Son of Ray and Nellie Trout. Born in Douds, joined the Navy at 17, had a career as a fighter pilot and retired in Carmel Valley California. Back Row: L to R Martin Luther Sadler: Martin Luther was the father of Nellie. He lived next to the foot of the bridge in Douds. East side of Main Street. He was a Justice of the Peace. He "Read the Law" He also maintained 4 or 5 bee hives. Nellie (Sadler) Trout: Married to Lewis Ray Trout, Mother of Roscoe, Clarence, Miriam, and Edna. Charles Sadler: He and his wife Etta lived in Ottumwa. He was a salesman. Blain Sadler: Live in Red Oak Iowa. He was a "Night Cop" He was patrolling the streets one night when Roscoe came home on his first Navy leave; saw Blane and asked him if he could stay the night in the jail as it was too late to get a room anywhere. Blane said no, had Roscoe wait until his shift was over, took him to his own home. When they stepped through the door his wife recognized Roscoe and gave him a big hug. Very funny to all. Logan Sadler: Married, lived SW of Douds for awhile then around Bonaparte Iowathen on HYW 16 near Douds a mile east of Road to Libertyville. His second wife was Gladys. Front Row: L to R Martin Sadler: Martin lived in Lincoln Nebraska after WWI Ethel (Sadler) Trout: Married to Guy Trout who was the brother of Ray Trout. Lived in Red Oak. Herbert Sadler: Herbert was involved with the restaurant in Douds for a while.
Roscoe in 54th street yard
Roscoe in 54th street yard
I think this was one of the first photographs I took of Roscoe after we got him. He was still wearing a collar.

watch radio free roscoe online
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