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Nixon Scout Leather Watch

nixon scout leather watch
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nixon scout leather watch - Nixon Men's
Nixon Men's A119-524 Plastic Analog Black Dial Watch
Nixon Men's A119-524 Plastic Analog Black Dial Watch
With a sleek, simple design and colors that rival your last acid trip, the Nixon Time Teller P Watch does exactly what its name implies. This no-frills, high-style watch resists water up to 100 meters, and its 3-hand Japanese quartz keeps you on time, provided you can read a hand clock.

Product Features
Housing Material: polycarbonate
Strap Material: polyurethane
Heart Rate Monitor:
Digital Compass:
Backlight: no
Computer Compatible:
Water-Resistant: yes, 100m
Weekday Indicator:
Battery Type:
Battery Life:
Face Size: medium
Recommended Use: streetwear
Manufacturer Warranty:

85% (19)
President Nixon at Capital Motorcade
President Nixon at Capital Motorcade
President Richard Nixon leaving the capital building after meeting with President Bill Clinton in 1993. Nathan Parker and I (Scott Alan Miller) were waiting to see him as he left his meeting. We had spoken to his driver about half an hour before to invite him to dinner with us that evening. He did not accept our offer but he did wave to us has his car drove by. Picture Taken By: Nathan Parker
Nixon, Accusing
Nixon, Accusing
Nixon accusing me of dodginess. She was upset that I was taking photos of her instead of getting on with the walking.

nixon scout leather watch
nixon scout leather watch
Nixon 51-30 Watch - Men's All Gunmetal/Black, One Size
Nixon included a tide subdial in the 51-30 Watch, so you'll know when to paddle out at your favorite surf spot. With super oversized stainless steel case, this watch will survive the gnarliest wipeout you'll ever take, because unlike you, it'll keep ticking up to 300m underwater. A sleek, brushed finish on this Nixon watch's stainless steel band gives it go-anywhere versatility. The 51-30's double locking clasp ensures this premium timepiece won't leave your wrist involuntarily. *Available for U.S. Shipment only.

Product Features
Housing Material: stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal
Strap Material: stainless steel
Heart Rate Monitor: no
Digital Compass: no
Chronograph: no
Backlight: no
Computer Compatible: no
Water-Resistant: yes, 300m
Weekday Indicator: no
Battery Type:
Battery Life:
Face Size: extra large
Recommended Use: casual, watersports
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

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