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New Canon Video Camera

new canon video camera
    video camera
  • A camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen
  • The modern CCTV video camera is available in both monochrome (black and white) and color. Cameras can be set in fixed-positions or placed on 'pan-and-tilt' devices that allow the camera to be moved up, down, left and right.
  • A video camera is a camera used for electronic motion picture acquisition, initially developed by the television industry but now common in other applications as well.
  • A camera that records onto digital or videotape.
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New Camera
New Camera
My new camera body arrived late yesterday. I've purchased a Canon 7D, but haven't even had opportunity to take any pictures with it yet. Will today, since my wife, my son and I are taking an all-day photography class together. The camera is much larger and heavier than my old Rebel XT - built like a tank in comparison - but that's a good thing, I think, since it will be going on a lot of hikes. It has video capability as well as the latest Canon technology and is a bit daunting, though my first impression is that most of the changes are for the better.
Dual Canon Rebel T2i 3D video grab using simple PRISMACHROME 3D mounting bracket. (by Silliphant 3D Group)
Dual Canon Rebel T2i 3D video grab using simple PRISMACHROME 3D mounting bracket. (by Silliphant 3D Group)
The new Canon T3i camera will even perform better (ships in April). The new camera will be the first Canon ever to offer 3 to 1 electronic telephoto mode...NO DROPPED VIDEO LINES! This is huge news for DHLR video in general, and 3D in particular.The video clarity is good and the sync is close to perfect! The un-skipped linage allows better relative stereo spacing...and cleaner video. This shows APS-C sensor results.Our low power anamorphic lenses were also used here to widen the field of view on the horizontal axis. Dual Canon 3D is suddenly affordable!

new canon video camera
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