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High Quality Indoor Ir Camera

high quality indoor ir camera
    high quality
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    ir camera
  • An IR Camera is nothing more then a digital or film based camera which has had the IR filter removed and replaced with a filter that is designed to block all visible light.
  • Of or relating to sports played indoors
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high quality indoor ir camera - SecurityIng -
SecurityIng - Quality 540 TV Lines 1/3 Sony CCD Sensor Bullet Weatherproof Color Video CCTV Security Camera, Long IR View Distance Infrared Night Vision, for Indoor / Outdoor / Home / Office Day & Night Security Surveillance Camera
SecurityIng - Quality 540 TV Lines 1/3 Sony CCD Sensor Bullet Weatherproof Color Video CCTV Security Camera, Long IR View Distance Infrared Night Vision, for Indoor / Outdoor / Home / Office Day & Night Security Surveillance Camera
Image Sensor: 1/3 Inch Color Sony CCD Sensor.
Image Color: Color.
Shutter Speed: 1/50 ~ 1/100,000 Second.
White Balance: Auto.
Backlight Compensation: ON.
S/N Ratio: > 48db.
Sync Speed: Internal.
Scanning mode: 2:1.
Waterproof Level: IP66.
CDS Sensor: YES.
Audio: No.
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 50 Degrees Celsius.
Operation Humidity: RH95%.
Connection Type: BNC.
Power Requirement: DC 12V, 1000mA.
S/N Ratio: < 48dB.
Operation Temperature: -10 ~ 40 Degrees Celsius.
Operating Humidity: RH95%.
Surveillance Camera Color: Lvory.
Applicable Scope: House, Hotel, Corridors Aisle, Large square, Road, Various Occasions.

What's In The BOX:
1 * Quality 540 TV Lines 1/3 Sony CCD Sensor Bullet Weatherproof Surveillance Video Camera.
1 * BNC Connector.
1 * 12V 1000MA CCTV Camera Power Adapter.
1 * User Manual.
1 * Pack of Screws And Tool.

Please Kindly Note:
1.You Should Get To Know About The Resolution of The CCTV Camera: Horizontal Resolution: 380TVL < 420TVL < 480TVL < 540TVL; And Under The Same Horizontal Resolution: CMOS < China CCD < Sharp CCD < Sony CCD.
2.Please Confirm Relative Parameters And Instruction According To The Product Characteristics Since Our User Manual Is Just A General One.
3.This Camera Is Not Made by Sony, Just Adopt Sony CCD Image Sensor And Sony DSP Technology.
4.BNC Cable Is Required, Not Included, Please Purchase Seperately.
5.ePathDirect After Service: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 12 Months Warranty!
6.If Any Techinical Problems In Operation, You Are Free To Send Message to Us At Any Time, We Can Always Reply You within 24 Hours.

79% (11)
Lake Artemesia, College Park, Md.
Lake Artemesia, College Park, Md.
[Nikon N80 Tamron 28-80 Fuji ISO200 color negative film -1eV > Epson V300 > Gimp] This is another underexposed "early film shot" that came out ok just due to the fact that the sky was so cloudy...otherwise the bright blue part would have been too washed out to look good. But as it is it looks ok with a slight gamma-adjustment. Just for fun & info I tracked an SAL18-250 and A700 this week on eBay, the lens sold for $455 and the body for $560. Sony has apparently convinced Tamron to stop selling the 18-250 so if you want a new one you have to buy it from Sony. The lens is about $600 new. Isn't that a great deal? :) I paid $250 combined for my 19-35 and 28-300. But don't get me wrong, I've bought and sold two brand-new sets of SAL18-250s and A700s. Got completely soaked on both of them. And then Sony fixed the A700 bios. I'm standing pat with my D70, N80 & 500si until the A700 comes down to $300 or less. Which might be a while, as it is the only Sony CMOS DSLR that doesn't have cooked-raw. Funny how Nikon doesn't think its necessary and gets good high-ISO performance out of even their CCD cameras, yet Sony thinks that it's so necessary. Then I bought about $100 worth of expired color negative film on eBay. $40 for 20 rolls of ISO1600-36, $20 for 16 rolls of ISO800-36 and $20 for 20 rolls of ISO200-24, all Fuji. Plus shipping. With development that's $250 total, for about 1800 frames. At least 2 years worth of film at a roll a day and a couple of days a month. ***That's about what I'd shoot if I'd stop taking test shots with film, I started to actually take shots that I didn't need to retake after development, and stopped shooting 2-shot brackets***. That's about half of what I paid for my G9, my first A200, a Sigma 18-200 DC OS, either of my Tamron 18-250s, less than half of each of the two SAL18-250s, my first Tamron 28-300VC...the list goes on and on. And that's not counting the ones that it's still less than or the ones that it's a quarter of, or less. Only the D70, the A345, the A650IS and the A610 compete with that number. And I gave the A610 away. Well, it's much cheaper than trying to breed a Derby winner. But I'm thinking $200 for a digital camera is about the right number. I'm telling ya, I almost bought another A345 this week. Were it not for a blown focus on a critical indoor shot I might still have mine. I might have literally avoided blowing a good $10k on digital cameras. Maybe not but still. Because you always want something just a *little* bit better. How much is the A600 now? I had one once...shot it in Manhattan on a bright summer day, the shots came out great....I haven't looked at those shots in 3 years. It's been 2 years since I've even thought of them. Adorama is in Manhattan, B+H is in Manhattan, 6th Ave Electronics is across the river in Bayonne, Jersey City. They all offer free returns in the first 30 days on Internet orders. I've shot so many damm cameras in Manhattan it's not even funny. Sony has the new A580 out, the guys at IR like it...also the D7000, the guys at dpreview love it. So what if the A580 is $800 retail and the D700 is $1500? It's only money. Photos are forever. Man, if I could get on eBay and buy-up $10k of 3 year-old-gear, go back 2 years in time and sell it on eBay? I'd make a killing. What out there loses value as fast and as hard as digital camera gear? It's almost as bad as the price-drops on Intel CPUs back in the days when AMD was still relevant. Remember forking over $500 for a new Intel chip and being able to get it for $100 a year later? $2500 for a 486 PC with 2Gigs of ram, 2MB video and a 4GB hard drive, remember those days? Admit it, you bought one. You upgraded every other year, at least, to a chip that was twice as fast. Then they got slower but "better". More cache, more pipes, slower clock, more cash. Now you use a 1GHz laptop with a free OS and free software and more ram and a bigger drive than you ever had in any of your desktop PCs...and it cost you $300 3 years ago, and you're still happy with it. Why? Because eventually you woke up and fucking realized what the hell they were doing. They were charging you 100x as much for a system that was maybe 5% faster in real-world use. The major difference was that the DRIVE was faster. But you had to upgrade EVERYHING. Time and time again. Until you started to spend most of your time on the Internet, and almost never ran apps off your hard drive. Then even a fast *drive* became irrelevant. Same thing here. Stop looking at your shots with a microscope and realize that you don't need a fucking great camera. Then realize that you don't need to take 5,000 shots each year. Year after year. And you don't need a camera that will give you 100,000 12MP shots for $1K, displaying each and every one of them within 5 seconds on a 3" display on the back of the camera. And go get yourself a beat-up old Nikon off eBay for < $250. And shoot it raw and be h
IR XTi Try two Power plant
IR XTi Try two Power plant
The power plant in town by the damn, funny thing, look how the flag looks in IR. Take two in playing with the IR camera, hopefully people won't get too sick of these. ;) Side note, didn't notice until this morning that it was shooting as jpeg, ugh, so switched it over to raw and set a custom white balance of the overcast sky.

high quality indoor ir camera
high quality indoor ir camera
High Quality Loftek CXS 3200 Wireless/wired Ip Camera Pan&tilt with Night/day Vision and Dual Way Audio,ir Cut,compatible with Windows,mac and Iphonewhite(replace 2200)
The CXS 3200 is equipped with TrucolorTM image processing technology that actively filters infrared light to reduce color casting that is commonly present in CMOS IP cameras. In low-light settings, the camera automatically disables the infrared filter, resulting in unhindered night-vision capabilities. Foliage, clothing and automobiles are all rendered in realistic coolor for easier identification of subjects. The camera also features increased pan and tilt range, with 340? horizontal rotation and 100? of vertical tilt. The camera supports local recording as well as picture snapshots, and the integrated web-server ensures an easy installation.

The CXS 3200 supports all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 6.0,7.0,8.0,9.0 Firefox, and Safari, and the included software installs in minutes. The CXS 3200 is compatible with Mac,Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7, as well as mobile devices including the iPhone. (The following features can't be used in Mac: Audio, Record and Multiple pictures in one website)

Technical Details:
Resolution:640x480(VGA),320x240(QVGA)160x120(QQVGA);300k pixels
Lens:f=3.6mm,F=2.0,Fixed Iris
Pan Coverage:340°
Tilt Coverage:100°
Frame rate:30fps
Bit rate:128kbps~5Mbps
Image Rotation:Mirror/Up-side down
OSD supported
Audio Compression:ADPCM
Additional Protocols:802.11b/g
Dual-directional audio
Motion Detection
Triggered Actions:Email/FTP/external alarm/send message to alarm server
User Settings:Three levels
Date/Time Setting supported
Upgrade:Upgrade from network
DDNS:A free DDNS provided by manufacturer
Alarm In:1 way;Alarm Out:1 way
Audio In:Internal microphone;Audio Out:External Speaker/line out interface

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