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Cheapest Thermal Camera

cheapest thermal camera
    thermal camera
  • A camera that shows cold/hot spots coming off people or objects.
  • Specialized camera used to capture and register heat/cool signatures that cannot be explained by human activity.
  • A thermographic camera, sometimes called a FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) or infrared camera less specifically, is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light.
  • (of an item for sale) Low in price; worth more than its cost
  • (cheaper) biligari? ( buhy-lee-ar-ee? )
  • (of prices or other charges) Low
  • Charging low prices
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cheapest thermal camera - FLIR First
FLIR First Mate HM-224 Handheld Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera, Black/Yellow
FLIR First Mate HM-224 Handheld Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera, Black/Yellow
FLIR is the world leader in Thermal Imaging. FLIR thermal imagers are affordable, high quality, and ideal for maritime use. They give boaters the power to see where they are going at night – staying safer than ever before – and navigating with confidence. Not a replacement for GPS and radar, thermal imagers complement these systems, filling in the holes and giving you true 24-hour vision. See clearly in total darkness - unlike other night vision systems, First Mate requires no light at all. See logs, rocks, land and other hazards that radar can miss. With the First Mate you can see a small vessel up to 1.3 miles away (XP+ model). First Mate can help see people in the water better than any otehr night vision technology. Finding someone in the water after dark with a searchlight is more a matter of luck than skill, but First Mate lets you search large areas quickly. Bottom line: there is no better tool around to help you find a person in the water. With the First mate you can see a man overboard up to 2,500 away (XP+ model). Use the First Mate anywhere you need to see at night. Because the First Mate is not permantly mounted to a vessel you can take it anywhere you need see clearly after dark. You can also use the First Mate for home security and watching wildlife. IP67 Submersible. All First Mate products float. Toggle between white hot and black hot. 24' x 18' (NTSC) Field of View. Built in LCD Display. Adjust display brightness. Lightwieght 1.45 lbs. Supplied with 4 AA NiMH Batteries. Also works with Li-ion or Alkaline. 5 Hours operating time on NiMH batteries. 120 hours standby time on NiMH batteries. Contact an applications expert at 877-773-3547.

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Packing Up
Packing Up
In two weeks I'll be backpacking the Lost Coast in the King Range Conservation Area. Three nights to enjoy 25 miles of pristine rugged coastline. This is what is going into my pack so far, plus all my food will be in a rented bear canister that is required for that area (and that weighs about 3 pounds...ouch). I'm at 45 pounds right now (without the bear canister), which doesn't feel too bad, but it's 5 to 10 pounds more than I wanted to carry. I may have to make some sacrifices. Things not in the photo that may be going. - IPod. - Small bar of deoderant - Some kind of coffee. - Ibuprofen and allergy pills. - Maybe some more snacks. - Maybe one pair of long thermal underwear, top and bottom, if the weather is looking cold in the forecast. List of potential sacrifices: - SB-28 flash and the radio trigger set. - board shorts. - one of the two extra shirts. - tent footprint.
129:365 Photo Booth
129:365 Photo Booth
forgive me for me cheap, crappy Photo Booth SP. i had a weird day today - work, doctor's appointment, oil change and minor car repairs, wrapping presents, rehearsal (performance on Thursday! Eeeek!), dinner (yum. My bf is a gooood cook) and then i made gluten free pie dough in preparation fro bringing a pie to the performance. Now, for no good reason, i have a tummy ache. So, here it is, a thermal camera photo booth photo as i sip a hot drink to hopefully soothe whatever is going on

cheapest thermal camera
cheapest thermal camera
ATN X200 Thermal Eye Camera
ATN X-200 Thermal-Eye high resolution digital thermal imaging camera is one of the smallest and lightest handheld model available on the market today. With its durable housing, it is designed for a variety of applications including public safety, security and military. Features include: detection range of 450m; FOV (HXV) 11°x8°; resolution of 160x120 with its high quality Germanium lenses; can be used as a compact hand held monocular; video output (standard RCA cable), video/ image polarity selection, white-hot or black-hot; tripod mountable.

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