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Can Tax Breaks Beat Geography? Lessons from the French Enterprise Zone Experience 
with A. Briant and M. Lafourcade
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2015, 7, 2, pp. 88-124
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Featured in Paris School of Economics newsletter
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Residential mobility and unemployment of African immigrants in France: a calibration approach
with B. Decreuse
Annals of economics and statistics, 2012, 107-108, pp. 51-91 
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Featured in newspaper La Marseillaise, 06/23/2010

Spatial sorting of African immigrants in the French public housing market
Review of Black Political Economy, 2015, 42, 3, pp. 247-270
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Public housing quotas and segregation
Urban Public Economics Review2013, 18, pp. 68-94 
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longer version: WP AMSE 2012-28 (text)

The Geography of unemployment of African immigrants
(in French) with L. Bouvard, P.-Ph. CombesB. DecreuseM. Laouénan and A. Trannoy
Revue Française d’Economie, 2009, 3, 23, pp. 4-106 
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HDR - Economics 
(Certification to Supervise Research), University of Paris Sud, 2016

PhD - Economics

Undergraduate - Urban Studies & Economics

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Working papers

Frictional Spatial Equilibrium 

with M. Sidibé

WP CREST 2016-29, ERID WP 236
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Neighbor Discrimination 
with P.-Ph. CombesB. Decreuse and A. Trannoy 
WP CREST 2016-36
Latest version: here
Revise and Resubmit (2nd round), Journal of Urban Economics

Frictional Labor Mobility

with M. Sidibé

latest version: here
Revise and Resubmit, Review of Economic Studies

Are Inclusionary Housing Programs color-blind? The case of Montgomery County MPDU Program
with A. Diagne 
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Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Housing Economics

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Work in progress

Residential mobility in Washington DC
with C. Otabor

The frictional origins of the urban premium
with M. Sidibé

Anatomy of domestic migration