Publications (Personal use only)

Can Tax Breaks Beat Geography? Lessons from the French Enterprise Zone Experience 
with A. Briant and M. Lafourcade
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2015, 7, 2, pp. 88-124
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Featured in Paris School of Economics newsletter

Residential mobility and unemployment of African immigrants in France: a calibration approach
with B. Decreuse
Annals of economics and statistics, 2012, 107-108, pp. 51-91 
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Featured in newspaper La Marseillaise, 06/23/2010

Spatial sorting of African immigrants in the French public housing market
Review of Black Political Economy, 2015, 42, 3, pp. 247-270
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Public housing quotas and segregation
Urban Public Economics Review2013, 18, pp. 68-94 
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longer version: WP AMSE 2012-28 (text)

The Geography of unemployment of African immigrants
(in French) with L. Bouvard, P.-Ph. CombesB. DecreuseM. Laouénan and A. Trannoy
Revue Française d’Economie, 2009, 3, 23, pp. 4-106 
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HDR - Economics 
(Certification to Supervise Research), University of Paris Sud, 2016

PhD - Economics

Undergraduate - Urban Studies & Economics

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Working papers

Frictional Spatial Equilibrium 

with M. Sidibé

WP CREST 2016-29, ERID WP 236
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Neighbor Discrimination 
with P.-Ph. CombesB. Decreuse and A. Trannoy 
WP CREST 2016-36
Latest version: here
Revise and Resubmit (2nd round), Journal of Urban Economics

Frictional Labor Mobility

with M. Sidibé

latest version: here
Revise and Resubmit, Review of Economic Studies

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Work in progress

Selection into public housing in Maryland 
with A. Diagne 
Preliminary draft available upon request

To whom can you teach love?
with H. Kurban

Residential mobility in Washington DC
with C. Otabor

The frictional origins of the urban premium
with M. Sidibé

Anatomy of domestic migration