The rising tide

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"The rising tide" is the piece of music I'm currently working on. This is an album telling a story.

The central character and narrator is a man experiencing a major affective crisis. At the beginning, he gets caught in a cold, loosing suddenly all his connections to the outside world and his relatives, also to art, music and creation which was central in his life. Everything sounds like a cold heart and a buzzing mind. Not feeling the sense, the warmth and the desire of love or friendship anymore, he decides to go...

First trying to find back "the thrill", he tries to deal with existence in a superficial way, acting, buying, seducing and... thinking. As a result, he only finds more cold and disgust. The disgust turns to hatred for the world, perceived as encouraging such a behavior, separating, fooling and turning people into robots that only pretend to be happy, painfully hiding behind any kind of mask one may wear. The feelings revolve around a great sadness, trying to find a reason or a cause.

The second part of the story is only the telling of various experiences, sad and joyful insights, as the understanding of "what is going on" seems to be emerging from the depth. This is also a place for finding deeper affective connections, sometimes unstable, sometimes stable. 

Having a taste of "how good it could be", there is a growing dizzy feeling about "how it is", anger and love merging in a will for action. In passion, peace or painful loneliness, something else tries to rise, revealing the foolishness of any plan to think or act. After simply restoring the connection to his deeper self, and the resulting humility, there is return to life, in a deeper and wider consciousness of human realities.

The album is a "work in progress", you may find bellow the demos at their current stage of production.