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16/08/2006 - Pixelstamp

Another entry for Pixelstamp @ gas13.ru.
This one got accepted YAY. Pretty much my own stupid fault that the previous one didn't get in. It didn't fit any of the open themes.

 31/07/2006 - Pixeldam

Something else entirely from the previous post, my submission for a nice lot in Pixeldam.

I tried to recreate a typical Amsterdam 'grachtenpand' and am pretty satisfied with the end result.

It'll probably take a while till it gets added if at all. 


31/07/2006 - Pixelstamp @ Gas13.ru

I was browsing around the forum over at pixeljoint  and ended up at the pixelstamp gallery on gas13.ru. Naturally, I wanted to create something for the stampgallery as well so I ended up with the National Weapon for The Netherlands. Not the best work, but hey, never said I was a professional pixelartist did I =D.

Didn't get in unfortunately.

 31/07/2006 - word of intro

so I just started a page at google for some easypeasy place to fire of some random art. I think I'm gonna like this. random 'artworks' and perhaps even some random thoughts. We'll see.