Frequently Asked Questions

How many different styles/shapes of butter cookies do you offer?

How high can you count?  We have hundreds of cookie cutters and will do our best to get the design you want.  Call us to inquire about shape, style and pricing.


How much are your wedding cakes?

Pricing can start at as little as $3.00/serving. However, pricing for our cakes is determined on a cake-by-cake basis.  Factors that we consider in the price are the complexity of the design, flavor, and size. We will be happy to help you decide on a design and size of cake to serve all of your guests.  Once you have figured out roughly what you would like the cake to look like and how many people you need to feed, we can give you a pretty accurate price estimate.  For a specific price, please make an appointment for a consultation by calling the bakery at 734-429-9120 during business hours.  Consultations can be scheduled Tuesday through Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Consultations can be set up at other times depending upon our schedule.  Please call for more information.

I've never tasted your cakes before?  Can I get a sample before I order?

We offer cake sampling during our wedding cake consultations.  For other occasions you can call ahead to order tasting cupcakes for a modest fee.  

What flavor cakes do you offer?

Our basic flavors are white, chocolate, yellow, marble, strawberry, lemon, red velvet, almond and confetti.  We also have custom flavors such as carrot, mocha, cherry chip, and several others.  Please let us know if you are interested in a specific flavor and chances are we can make that for you.


Do you deliver?

We can deliver wedding cakes or large cakes locally, and the fee for delivery will be determined by the distance and time to set up. Otherwise, delivery is strictly for those businesses who have accounts with us.


How far in advance do I need to order a cake?

Generally speaking, the earlier the better.  During the holidays and graduation season our calendar fills up fast, so the earlier you can place your order the better we are able to serve you.  For large or intricate cakes, more than a month from the pick-up date is requested.  For smaller cakes we require a week's notice but can sometimes make a cake in less time.


Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! We accept most major credit cards.


I always miss the pretzels on Saturdays.  When do you sell out and can I order them?

We are known for our delicious, hot pretzels, and we only make them on Saturdays.  During football season we sell out very quickly and throughout the rest of the year we usually sell out before the bakery closes.  You can always preorder pretzels so you will be guaranteed not to leave empty-handed.  Call any time before 2:00 the previous Friday to reserve your pretzels.  We appreciate pick-up by 11:00 a.m.


Is there a real Benny?

Although he no longer owns the bakery, there is indeed a real Benny who visits the bakery almost daily and occasionally helps out making pretzels on Saturdays and filling in for vacationing employees.

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