New stuff.  I'll put these here until I decide what I'm doing with them.

After a gap of around 7 years (something to do with trucks, I forget the details) I decided to write some more music.  This is it;

Pop rawk featuring the lesser spotted tugger geetar solo.  The sound of a 48 year old man railing against the machine/the power.  Grow up.
Acoustic-y type thing with (ahem) 'world music' influence.  How many pints of lager would sir like with his curry?
Joss-sticks and shite, like the 70s maaan.
Stadium-pop (perhaps if the stadium in question were Boundary Park or Spotland).  10 lighters for a quid at the pound shop in the Merrion Centre.
Country-ish (well, I never knew it was spelt with a 'o') jangle pop.

Very miserable piano balladry.

Space country shoegaze ambient instrumental - you know it makes sense.
Fast, err, indie dance bizzle with ludicrous ravey davey sinthesiser middle 8. Rips off both Trotsky and The Carpenters in the lyrics.
Some retro pop gubbins.  Eleanor Donkey?

Sinthesiser solo, chorus not till 1 minute 42, yet somehow I still like it.  Possibly because of the rhyming couplet, "World's still spinning on its axis.  Stop banging on about the Nazis".  Possible mild East 17 plagarism at the end.
Acoustic jath folk bossa-nova.  Brushes drums, mandolin, guiro, tasteful guitar solo, crooning.   Niiiiiice, or maybe not.
Poor man's Radiohead.  Miserable.  Possibly about the toooories.

Some faux Britpop with ludicrous monobrow stylee guitar bit
May be p**g r**k....
Electronic-y pop thing with some loud kick drum in the modern stylee.    
Some laid-back poppy thing with a bit of the reggae (probably seeped in from downstairs).  Mr Jagger has not yet sued over the first verse lyrics.

Sinthesisers.  Big Drums.  Crooning about nutters.
An attempt at some manner of 70s soul inspired number.  Cheesy, but I like it, even the bits where I appear to be possessed by Marty Pellow (not good).

Some weirdy sub-jazz/hip-hop/indie instrumental thing. Won a contest though!

60s influenced 'power-pop' song.  Mebbe rips a few things off....
Disco house, may be critical of a former Prime Minister.   I think this is the first time I've ever used that middle pickup setting on a guitar.  How interesting.
Miserable but quite tuneful.  Lots of reverb.

Indie Rokk.  Contains guitar solo and faux 'Prince' bit.

Weird thing with quiet first half and noisy second bit.  No discernible chorus.

Mebbe owes a little to The Smiths...Could be an incisive commentary on social snobbery, or perhaps I just tossed off a song based on something funny someone at work said.

More sinthesiser.  I remember it being about people coming to terms with their lives before the end, or something.  It's that cheerful.  Nice backwards guitar though.

An entry for a themed contest.  The theme was 'meditation'.  I started writing something using one chord but got bored, added another 3 and some singing.

The oldies.

Previously in the world of the donkey (don't you hate it when people refer to themselves in the third person?) there were these albums below.  Variable quality in terms of songwriting, production and performance, sometimes within the same song.  I blame the technology naturally.  Nothing to do with drinking.

If you know me and want the errr 'farmers' stuff then let me know.  I'm not putting it up here, wouldn't mind keeping me job for a bit...