Bennie Elementary PTA, Allen Park, MI


Tuesday, April 15 – NO early release; regular school day with dismissal at 3:30.


Market Day – Please pick up your grocery orders in the cafeteria Wednesday, April 16, between 5-6 pm.  Volunteers are welcome to sort orders at 4:15 pm.  Contact: Michelle Cavazos (rcavazos20@sbcglobal.net).



Nominations Open for PTA Officers; Committee Members and Chairpeople Needed

Bennie PTA is busy planning for next year!  The nomination board is posted in the Bennie front entranceway.  If you are interested in serving on a committee or holding an office, we’d love to hear from you.  Please contact Sandy Winkler Hoback (winklers@umich.edu) for information about what any of these positions involve.

Elected Positions                      Committees

President                                  Assembly Programs

VP-Fundraising                         Reflections

Secretary                                 Legislation

Treasurer                                 Fall Family Evening Event

Membership                              Winter Family Evening Event

                                                Bingo for Books


More examples are on our webpage of this year’s committees:  https://sites.google.com/site/benniepta/officers-and-chairpeople



Parent Resource Newsletter from Michigan PTA

We are sharing Michigan PTA’s monthly newsletter that provides information about topics such as parent involvement, student success, child safety, and health and wellness.  This month’s issue http://www.michiganpta.org/images/pdfs/meetingmodule_parent_7.7.pdf includes these articles:

Parents’ Guide to Student Success from National PTA

National PTA on YouTube

Encourage Physical Activity: What Parents Can Do

Operation We Are Here



Standards vs. Curriculum: What’s the Difference?  A football analogy.

Standards are what a student will learn.

Curriculum is how the standard will be taught.


Compare this with football. 


In football the standard is move the ball 10 yards forward for a 1st down.  This standard is set by the NFL.

In school the standard is add fractions with a common denominator.  This standard is set by the Common Core State Standards, adopted by Michigan and 43 other states.


In football the curriculum is the play or plays used to get the 1st down.  Each team chooses its own curriculum (plays).  The Lions may pass, the Patriots have a strong running game, and the 49ers like the quarterback sneak.

In school the curriculum is the materials and methods used to teach adding fractions.  Each district sets its own curriculum (teaching methods).  District A chooses Textbook Z, District B has computer software, District C uses manipulative blocks.


Contact: Sandy Winkler (winklers@umich.edu)



 Coming Soon

April 18-27 – No school, Spring Recess

May 1 – Science Fair, 6 pm

May 1 – PTA Meeting, 7:15 pm

May 5-11 – Screen Free Week (turn off the TV, computer, and Wii and go outside and play!  Spring is finally here J  http://www.screenfree.org/

May 12-14 – Chili’s Restaurant Nights



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Bennie PTA Membership

Download a PTA membership form.  Just $7 per person.  Make checks payable to “Bennie PTA” and return the form and money to your child’s teacher.  For more about membership, click here.

PTA Meetings

Meetings are the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm.  All are welcome.  Free child care is provided by AP High School National Honor Society or Interact Club students in the gym. The Treasurer's reports and meeting minutes are now available online

Contact Us

If you would like to receive email about Bennie PTA events and volunteer opportunities send email to BenniePTA@gmail.com and ask to be added to the distribution list.

To reach a PTA board member, check the list of officers located here.

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