Recent work and prototypes

Rock maple side table - 2016

         Rock maple with salvaged blackwood detail

                    Blackwood from Canalpie Timbers & finished with Osmo hard oil


L 475mm

D 270mm

H 440mm

© Kim Johnston – Bennett Fox Designs, 2016

'Print' - Breakfast table - 2015

Recycled oregan from the Government Printing Office, Kingston

Timber from Thor's Hammer & finished with Osmo hard oil


L 1300mm

D 615mm

H 715mm

© Kim Johnston – Bennett Fox Designs, 2015

Divide - Hanging cabinet 2014

Blackwood, Tasmanian sassafras, fishing leaders


L 840mm

D 120mm

H 115mm

© Kim Johnston – Bennett Fox Designs, 2014

Photographed in situ 2014 Strathnairn Arts members' exhibition

Mu stool – 2013

American ash, hoop pine ply, Australian woollen felt


L 580mm

D 470mm

H 520mm (varies to suit client)

© Kim Johnston – Bennett Fox Designs, 2013

Download a PDF outlining the ergonomic principles

 that inform the design of the Mu stool 

Jin stool – 2013

Hoop pine ply, Australian woollen felt, stainless steel


L 500mm

D 360mm

H 490mm (varies to suit client)

© Kim Johnston – Bennett Fox Designs, 2013

Piano practice bench

Tasmanian blackwood, Hoop pine ply, polyurethane fabric


L 760mm

D 490mm

H 480mm (varies to suit client)

© Kim Johnston – Bennett Fox Designs, 2006

Kitchen and tableware

A developing range of table and 
kitchenware which is both functional and beautiful. The objects we use in our homes should not only be useful, they should please the eye and delight the hand. 

Using a wide range of materials, including recycled and salvaged timbers, these pieces show off the surprising beauty that such timbers throw up. Hardwoods sometimes display a unique spalting caused by the chemical reaction  between iron nails, the extractives in the wood and moisture over time. Old nail holes, staining and spalting tell the previous histories of these timbers as agricultural buildings or fences. 

Using veneers salvaged from an abandoned Sydney supplier and FCS certified suppliers, salad servers are made using walnut, Queensland maple, rosewood, blackwood, sassafras, myrtle and leatherwood.

Allergy and care information

Salad servers are finished with low-allergy grapeseed oil but please check with all users if they have any allergies. Cheese boards and spoons are finished with food-approved high grade buffing oil which contains tung oil. 

Care instructions: Never place wooden utensils or boards in a dishwasher. Simply swipe with a damp cloth after use, or wash and rinse, making sure you wipe them dry as quickly as possible.