Ben N Ben Show Number Seven 2010-5-27

Ben N Ben broadcasted this show live from UMAINE Orono at the 2010 Maine Learning Technology Initiative Conference.  They were joined by a wonderful panel of guests and presented the show to a group of conference attendees.  After the show was over, Ben N Ben wrapped up by teaching kids how they too could host a web radio show at their school.

Please go to to listen to our show!


 mrsdurff ->   wee have liftoff Houston
 mrsdurff ->   hi andreas
 Andreas ->   Hi Mrs Durff!
 mrsdurff ->   they are on ETT A
 Andreas ->   OK!
 mrsdurff ->   hi sharon
 mrsdurff ->   they are on ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   i scared her away
 Andreas ->   I don't believe! :-)
 mrsdurff ->   yes you do
 mrsdurff ->   that guy speaking is in Tel Aviv
 Andreas ->   Ah ok! It was me scaring her! ;-)
 mrsdurff ->   no, it was me
 mrsdurff ->   I am scary
 Andreas ->   Listen to her perfectly!
 mrsdurff ->   I need more coffee-momentele
 Andreas ->   Hi Sharon!
 sharonbetts ->   Hi - Alice was loud and clear. 
 Andreas ->   She is still loud and clear! ;-)
 sharonbetts ->   I need to keep working - but will be listening, you may not see much typing....
 Andreas ->   :-) Just took a conditioned look to my skype window! ;-)
 Andreas ->   But it was on the stream :-)
 mrsdurff ->   I should be working too, but some things are just more engaging
 mrsdurff ->   tweet like crazy people
 sharonbetts ->   These guys are just great!
 Andreas ->   Jeahhh! Matt go mat go! ;-)
 mrsdurff ->   Indeed!
 mrsdurff ->   And why is he home?
 mrsdurff ->   NOT FAIR!
 mrsdurff ->   hi jackie
 jackiegerstein ->   thanks for the tweets -
 mrsdurff ->   they are on ETT A
 Andreas ->   Hi!
 jackiegerstein ->   They said there is a live feed - is there a video stream somewhere?
 mrsdurff ->   no
 mrsdurff ->   I don't think for us
 mrsdurff ->   just at the conference
 jackiegerstein ->   k
 mrsdurff ->   but the audio is live
 mrsdurff ->   I didn't even have Oregon Trail
 jackiegerstein ->   Just heard about Oregon Trial at a virtual gaming brainstorm Sunday - they have an app for that
 Andreas ->   Is there a hashtag (twitter?)
 mrsdurff ->   virtual? sure wasn't when I began teaching
 mrsdurff ->   it was so Game 1.0
 mrsdurff ->   I haven't seen a hashtag - make one up Andreas
 Andreas ->   #21ctskillslive
 mrsdurff ->   :)
 jackiegerstein ->   more like #MLTI10 ?
 Andreas ->   Hi Suzanne- They are on channel A
 mrsdurff ->   hi suzanne
 mrsdurff ->   ok, you scared this one away
 jackiegerstein ->   I am MT - what a great way to eat my breakfast this morning.  Saw Matt's update on Facebook - saw Durff's and Sharon's tweets immediately after!
 mrsdurff ->   :)
 mrsdurff ->   Enjoy your breakfast
 jackiegerstein ->   Cereal and MLTI - how can I loose?
 mrsdurff ->   indeed
 Andreas ->   Nice! I am in Koblenz - germany and got immediatly alerted through the ETT - Skype channel!
 mrsdurff ->   I was spamming
 Andreas ->   No! Informing! ;-) Thanx for this!
 jackiegerstein ->   I don't think you know how to spam Durff - psuedo-spamming maybe
 mrsdurff ->   I do try
 mrsdurff ->   hi suzanne
 mrsdurff ->   Sound on ETT A
 Suzanne ->   hi!
 Andreas ->   Hi Suzanne!
 Andreas ->   They are in channel A
 Suzanne ->   i'm listening
 Suzanne ->   great to hear Angus!
 mrsdurff ->   :)
 jackiegerstein ->   Multi-media on - Google for Doodle winner on the Today show  - good for her!
 mrsdurff ->   that world traveller
 sharonbetts ->   I enjoy hearing Angus discuss his technology visions. 
 jackiegerstein ->   Education SHOULD be different now - not so in many schools
 mrsdurff ->   hi alice!
 Suzanne ->   loved his comment -- the laptop initiative isn't a hardware program
 Andreas ->   Hi Alice!
 alicebarr ->   Hi everyone
 mrsdurff ->   did you all see my 7th grade class, posing here for a class photo,
 Suzanne ->   hi
 alicebarr ->   Sorry we have alot going on
 alicebarr ->   Will be in and out
 mrsdurff ->   I noticed alice
 Andreas ->   No Prob! Everything sounds awesome!
 alicebarr ->   Current Guest is Ronald Ho of Google
 mrsdurff ->   shouldn't the 1:1 laptop initiative be a differentiation program?
 jackiegerstein ->   Hi Ben
 BenM ->   Hi all!
 mrsdurff ->   hi Ben!
 BenM ->   thanks for coming
 mrsdurff ->   wouldn't miss it
 mrsdurff ->   hi marsenault
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   hi Connor
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 Connor F. ->   Hello.
 Edward G ->   Hello
 mrsdurff ->   hi Edward and Tish
 ColbyK ->   Hello
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   hey colby and Jake
 Jake S ->   Hello
 alicebarr ->   Some students will be coming in may ask questions
 TishK ->   hello
 Edward G ->   Hi everyone
 mrsdurff ->   i think we are being overrun by students - GO FOR IT!!
 mrsdurff ->   hi Carlene
 Carlene S ->   hello
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   hi Rebecca
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 Rebecca R ->   hello
 alicebarr ->   Students: You may want to ask some of these teachers some questions
 alicebarr ->   For example teachers, where are you from?
 mrsdurff ->   not me, i know nothing
 jackiegerstein ->   Great to have students here
 mrsdurff ->   ask Andreas
 Edward G ->   where are all you teachers?
 mrsdurff ->   Andreas is in Germany
 jackiegerstein ->   Boise, ID
 mrsdurff ->   hi Caroline
 Suzanne ->   Yarmouth HS
 mrsdurff ->   sound is on ETT A
 TishK ->   Germany! Thats s cool. What grade do you teach?
 mrsdurff ->   Hi Dan
 Daniel K ->   hello
 Rebecca R ->   what do you teach to the German students?
 mrsdurff ->   Andreas teaches college
 TishK ->   Thats cool.
 Edward G ->   what subject?
 Caroline M ->   Do you speak German?
 Meggie C ->   hello
 mrsdurff ->   we follow Matt, now speaking, into Earthbridges
 mrsdurff ->   hi sophia and meggie and nicole and chris
 mrsdurff ->   phew
 ColbyK ->   Nicole! haha
 Edward G ->   What subject does Andreas teach?
 Caroline M ->   What's Earthbridges?
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 TishK ->   hi meggie!
 Edward G ->   what?
 Meggie C ->   hi tish!
 Andreas ->   Hi Edward!
 mrsdurff ->   Edward - click on blue icon
 alicebarr ->   THey don't need sound if they are here/. WE are broadcasting in a lecture hall :)
 Nicole H ->   Colby! Hi everyone :)
 Andreas ->   Podcasting?¬ø
 mrsdurff ->   under ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   ah
 Sophia E ->   hey everyone
 jackiegerstein ->   Are you live at the conference?
 mrsdurff ->   true are they all there?
 Meggie C ->   :D
 alicebarr ->   CAn anyone give an explanation of a podcast?
 mrsdurff ->   hi cyndid
 Edward G ->   What do you teach Andreas???????
 mrsdurff ->   ETT A
 ColbyK ->   Sure!
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   Hey, thats for the call out on the megachat
 mrsdurff ->   podcast is an mp3
 alicebarr ->   Yes there is a student audience becasue we are at a Student TEch  conference
 TishK ->   isnt a podcast like a radio station? you can edit it, add sound effects, etc.
 Meggie C ->   yeah, an online radio station
 Edward G ->   ;9
 mrsdurff ->   you can make one for free with audacity + llame
 Edward G ->   oops
 Chris S ->   Hello
 Andreas ->   @alice: serie of mp3 files provided over the rss feed! #podcast definition
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   is there sound?
 Edward G ->   :(
 Caroline M ->   Isn't a podcast used to express opinions on a popular topic and organize mixed ideas?
 TishK ->   whats llame
 mrsdurff ->   ETT A
 mrsdurff ->   sound on ETT A
 Caroline M ->   What's ETT A
 Edward G ->   hey chris
 alicebarr ->   @Tisk K Yes, it's usually a radiolike program. Cool think is it can be distributed to lots of people.
 TishK ->   very.
 mrsdurff ->   Caroline you are there, yes?
 alicebarr ->   Students at MLTI Please don't use ETT A
 Caroline M ->   Yes.
 alicebarr ->   It is the sound
 ColbyK ->   Ben and Ben, how do you find the different guests you have on your show?
 TishK ->   our school mostly uses garageband for podcasts
 jackiegerstein ->   Is Matt talking?
 mrsdurff ->   it is how we listen
 Caroline M ->   OH.
 mrsdurff ->   yes
 mrsdurff ->   this is matt
 alicebarr ->   YEs Matt is talking
 Caroline M ->   Thank you. I was confused.
 jackiegerstein ->   Smart man
 mrsdurff ->   Tish - I use Audacity
 alicebarr ->   Very :)
 Chris S ->   Is MLTI the biggest compter confrence in Manie?????????
 mrsdurff ->   same thing
 TishK ->   audacity? i saw that online. Dont you have to download it?
 mrsdurff ->   yes
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   Does presentation have sound? I am getting nothing but the chat room?
 mrsdurff ->   free
 mrsdurff ->   yes Dr. Juhn - ETT A
 alicebarr ->   @ChrisS I'm not sure. I think it must be one of the largest STUDENT conference
 Edward G ->    Is MLTI the biggest compter confrence in Maine?????????
 mrsdurff ->   Kuhn
 TishK ->   thats cool. Is it any different from garageband though? what are the advantages of audacity?
 jackiegerstein ->   To Students - I just got a job as the technology instructor at a K-8 Charter school - What is the best project you did?  What should I do with my students next year?
 mrsdurff ->   I think it is easier
 mrsdurff ->   Jackie no fair
 jackiegerstein ->   why is that no fair ;)
 mrsdurff ->   I have been trying and nothing
 Andreas ->   @Edward: Well i have a uni contract to explore "podcasting" with HE students
 Chris S ->   Do the student computers have skype on them like us???????
 TishK ->   ooooh... make iMovies. They are fun and you can express yourself through schoolwork. it is one of my favorite programs
 mrsdurff ->   bad economy
 Meggie C ->   @jackiegerstein there is this website for loading your voice and comments online on a website called voicethread
 alicebarr ->   Audacityis very similar to GarageBand but Garage band has alot more tools to add music and soundtracks
 Edward G ->   thank you Andreas
 TishK ->   nice.
 jackiegerstein ->   Voicethread rocks - good suggestion
 Meggie C ->   @jackiegerstein iMovies are awesome too, they take a long time but they are really interesting
 mrsdurff ->   @Jackie did you see my class photo
 Meggie C ->   thanks
 alicebarr ->   THis is webcasting, so we are actually broadcasting LIVE so that other people can listen
 Chris S ->   their was a wildfire?????
 mrsdurff ->   Dr. DannerKuhn - sound on ETT A
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   NO sound, trying to listen, but getting no sound, any suggestions?
 alicebarr ->   Then, we push it out to iTunes so people who can't ttend the live show can download it.
 ColbyK ->   @jackiegerstein using imovie to do a project on the topic of your choice is one of the projects that I think gives students a lot of creative freedom as well as helping students learna lot!
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   I am on ETTTA
 jackiegerstein ->   The school-prinicipal didn't know about all of these technologies and is very open - has a goal of infusing technology throughout the curriculum - Skype will be installed!
 TishK ->   that cool with the wholeitunes thing
 mrsdurff ->   @cyndidi try the blue icon
 jackiegerstein ->   we'll have to use moviemaker as they have PCs (although my preference is mac)
 Chris S ->   On matt's screen I saw someone not him??????
 Edward G ->   mrsduff what do you teach
 mrsdurff ->   Moviemaker is intuitive
 Edward G ->   ?
 jackiegerstein ->   @Durff - just moved here - BAD internet - your photo won't load for me - Note to self: change internet provided
 TishK ->   jackiegerstein- i have been pushing the schooll to allow skype for school projects and to go to class when I am sick. It is a useful tool to me. Now, the school allows it and realizes it is and extreemly useful application
 jackiegerstein ->   provider
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   yeah finally some sound
 mrsdurff ->   I am a teacher librarian - computer, studyskills, library
 Chris S ->   Edward >>?????
 Edward G ->   what
 Edward G ->   >
 Edward G ->   ?
 Andreas ->   Edward - what's your subject?
 Edward G ->   i am not teacher
 jackiegerstein ->   @TishK - the principal-teachers got very excited when I said we could use skype for global collaborations
 Edward G ->   i am a student
 Chris S ->   with this worldwide webchat can we talk with somone Japan????????
 alicebarr ->   DO any of you have questions for Matt or Ronald? We just have a few more minutes
 mrsdurff ->   @jackie the primary teachers will live Skype
 Andreas ->   OK - So what is your favourite topic in the social media use?
 jackiegerstein ->   yes - they will live it, Durff
 Edward G ->   srry Andreas
 TishK ->   @jackiegerstein- that would be fun. our school talks to students in crime-fille cities in mexico. it made student really appreciate what they had
 alicebarr ->   @CHrisS If you know someone in JApan, you could webcast with them
 jackiegerstein ->   cool Tish
 Meggie C ->   you could do that with Skype too
 mrsdurff ->   QT: What do you all aim to accomplish through this conference?
 TishK ->   yeah
 Chris S ->   Ronald , How did you come up the idea for googledocs
 Andreas ->   Ronald: When will google apps think about
 jackiegerstein ->   oops - no more time
 TishK ->   awwww...
 Meggie C ->   uh-oh
 Edward G ->   bye everyone :)
 Chris S ->   what is going on
 Meggie C ->   thank you!
 Andreas ->   : alowwing student groups to get organized via google apps?
 jackiegerstein ->   too quick
 Edward G ->   thank you for your time
 ColbyK ->   Bye everyone! Thanks!
 mrsdurff ->   how many in chat room?
 TishK ->   thank you for being on the show!\
 TishK ->   goodbye!
 Chris S ->   Edward turn your head to the left
 Andreas ->   Thanx! Handclaps's
 Suzanne ->   Good work Ben & Ben!
 sharonbetts ->   Another fabulous show - these two are leaders.. can't wait to see where they go in the future..
 mrsdurff ->   backchannel? yeah that's me
 Andreas ->   Should i c'n'Paste the chat?¬ø
 jackiegerstein ->   applause
 Chris S ->   Edward??????
 jackiegerstein ->   Go Mrs. Barr!
 Edward G ->   applause
 mrsdurff ->   it is saved Andreas
 Andreas ->   OK!
 Edward G ->   bye bye
 mrsdurff ->   stream ended
 mrsdurff ->   thanks all for coming
 alicebarr ->   THank you all!
 Chris S ->   is a lot of the stuff here being giving away free?????
 Andreas ->   Thanx Mrsdurff! Was a pleasure t listen
 jackiegerstein ->   thanks Durff for the twitter spam about this - adios!
 mrsdurff ->   ty, andreas
 mrsdurff ->   ty jackie
 cyndidannerkuhn ->   Alice, wll there be any more stream sessions?