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      The Ben N Ben Show  was a wonderful way for Ben and Ben to express their interests in technology and discover their passions for education.  We both would like to extend a huge thank you to Mrs. Barr for providing us with more mentorship and support than either of us could ever have asked.  We would also like to thank Yarmouth High School, all the folks MLTI (Jim Moulton, Chris Toy) , EdTechTalks, Governor (and now Senator-Elect) King for providing the resources necessary for us to succeed.  And lastly we would like to thank all of our listeners for engaging with our discussions and hearing what we've had to say over the years.  Thank you!

Current Happenings

    Ben N is currently in his 2nd year at the University of Chicago studying Economics and Political Science.  He volunteers at a local South-side high school teaching math.  He also runs Cross-Country and Track & Field for the Maroons!

    Ben M is currently in his 2nd year at the University of Maine studying Music and Education.  In addition to doing a variety of music performances, Ben M also teaches and volunteers in local schools teaching music education classes.

    Hopefully one day Ben N Ben can reunite and start a school on their own!

The Ben N Ben Show is a monthly webcast that airs on http://edtechtalk.com.  On our show, we cover many topics including instructional technology, 21st century education, progressive schooling and much more.  We work hard to have a variety of guests, and it is thanks to our awesome guests that our show is becoming such a success!  The show is made possible with the help of the incredible SEEDlings network with Cheryl Oakes, Alice Barr, and Bob Sprankle at the healm.

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Congratulations to Ben Nickerson -- Winner

of the 2011 Robert W. Boyd Award!

Greatly, greatly deserved!!

Congratulations to Ben McNaboe -- Winner of the

2011 Hector Hebert Award!

Much, much deserved!!

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Feel free to send either of us an email, or you can fill out our forms here: Want to Be on the Ben N Ben Show?! or How can we better publicize the Ben N Ben Show?

Recent Shows:

For Show 8, the Ben N Ben show presented live from the Coalition of Essential Schools Conference in San Francisco, CA.  Unfortunately the Skype discussion panel, featuring Ben McNaboe, Ted Hall, and Caitlin Ruthman, was unable to be recorded. Check out our CES Presentation website for more info on our session.

For Show Seven we featured a wonderful panel of guests (Ronald Ho, Gov. Angus King, and Matt Montagne) in a panel discussion at the MLTI conference in Orono.

Upcoming Shows:

  Let us know! Send us an email at bnickerson@uchicago.edu or ben.mcnaboe@gmail.com


**Gator Radio is back up and running.  Check out their site...man, we need some pictures like that!**

Ben & Ben march in their local Memorial Day Parade

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